China’s first blockchain hospital is due to open sometime in 2021, but some government officials have raised concerns over data security.

According to Cn-Healthcare, the first hospital of Dalian Medical University will launch a pilot program by January 2021 as the blockchain integration is still pending. The hospital will use blockchain to store patient and treatment information.

The operators also said that such a blockchain-based platform would provide patients with access to so-called “internet hospital” services through the WeChat applet, whose blockchain network stores consultation and treatment data in an effort to make the most of contactless solutions due to the pandemic.

However, Ministry of Industry officials and hospital staff said they were not confident about the security of the blockchain infrastructure and were concerned about data security issues.

Niu Tai, director of the Senior Hospital of Dalian Medical University, said:

“Our information department is facing a lot of pressure [from the government]. Since we are the leading hospital in the region, every decision was made very carefully (…) and the privacy requirements are very strict. Information company decided to study the use of blockchain in terms of data security. She indicated the direction of development of professional personnel. ”
New said government officials wanted the hospital to ensure that the information could be verified and that it could store, transport, and access the data.

China is known for its massive surveillance of its citizens who make such comments contrary to some of its rules.

Dalian hospital officials said their blockchain platform is giving patients access to services via WeChat, whose blockchain network stores consultant and treatment data to make the most of contactless solutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dalian Hospital and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are still discussing the best privacy and security practices ahead of the scheduled launch.

According to the 2020 Blockchain Industry Development Report, Chinese companies have applied for more than half of all blockchain patents worldwide. This came after Chinese President Xi Jinping approved the industry.

Source: CoinTelegraph