Oasis Labs, a business closely linked to blockchain Oasis Protocol, has announced a new privacy project developed in cooperation with the BMW Group.

On Wednesday, it announced a collaboration between the two companies to create a new way to access personal information that will place clear limits on what information can be obtained and how.

Al Waha calls this limited approach “Differential Privacy”. This is an attempt to provide assurances that the collected data cannot be used to obtain information about a specific person. For example, when a data set includes an average and the number of participants that make up that average, one new record can easily be de-identified by tracking the change in the mean.

Oasis rewrites individual questions to hide key data. According to the company, any database technology that supports a set of basic math functions – absolute value, random number generation, natural logarithm, and symbolic function – can be used with the solution of differential privacy.

Collaboration with BMW will enable the implementation of a differential privacy solution in a corporate environment. Although the collaboration is still in its infancy, the aim is to test the applications of differential privacy in the BMW Group’s internal control systems. This will provide data access to both internal teams and external partners, ensuring confidentiality. This specific test does not involve the blockchain of the Oasis protocol, but is instead performed on the allowable ledger.

Oasis Protocol is a recently launched project with a strong focus on user data privacy. Cryptography and the blockchain have long been considered attractive due to their ability to regulate data exchange. Direct ownership of personal information, along with clear guidelines for its use, can help find the right balance between user privacy and business practices in today’s business.

Source: CoinTelegraph