Oakland A’s – the San Francisco East Bay Ball Club at the heart of the 2011 Oscar-nominated film Moneyball – welcomes the new season with a fan-friendly bitcoin offering.

Until April 1, the club is offering a full six-season home kit at Bitcoin (BTC) which is currently $ 57,653. Set $ ​​64,800.

The unique Bitcoin price spike since December 2020 has provided the opportunity for A to develop a fan proposal that is also financially viable for the club. In an interview with reporters on March 14th, club president Dave Cavall said:

“Part of the reason we do this is because the price is reasonable. Since Bitcoin is the same cost as the seasonal package, it gives our fans a few different options. … it does in several aspects of our business.”
Kaval added that another factor influencing the decision to buy the cryptocurrency is its increasing popularity in California, noting that “especially in the Gulf region, you see more and more people discussing or trading bitcoins.” In the new season, 100 apartments will be offered for sale all season at a price of 1 Bitcoin. The sign of readiness to open games with 20% of the public was only recently confirmed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and it’s still spreading COVID-19 cases, which remain under control.

In addition to accepting cryptocurrency payments by Company A, the increasingly popular non-native tokens market has developed into a crossroads between the art world and the major tournaments. In February, bidders paid millions of dollars for artwork bearing the mark of Mick Johnson, former Second Base Officer Mick Johnson.

Meanwhile, sports blockchain companies such as Chiliz have tried to gain a foothold in the MLB fan base, recognizing the game as a potentially lucrative route to adopting the mainstream technology.

Source: CoinTelegraph