Cryptocurrencies have taken their place as an alternative to traditional payments for some time now. But one thing stops them. For these assets to become mainstream, they must first provide real value to their users, at least meet the current potential that traditional currencies offer in today’s world, and that’s exactly what 8Pay does.

In fact, cryptocurrencies have already proved their worth by transferring money from point A to point B. However, there are still some gaps that could hinder their general use. These include fixed and variable periodic payments, as well as one-off transactions.

This feature is currently popular for traditional currencies with use cases spanning both business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). This applies in any situation where punctuality is important or a subscription-based model is used.

8Pay aims to fill this market gap with a solution that allows crypto payments to be made without any problems, thereby opening up a world of endless possibilities for the community. Since then, the team has launched an innovative payment gateway that will evolve into a solution that users can benefit from in almost any way, be it for salespeople to automatically pay monthly subscription fees on a regular basis, make timely payments to employees, or automate charitable donations. …

Regardless of usage, the 8Pay platform allows users to make unlimited transactions in a user interface that meets current standards for consumer expectations. To address the implications of this proposal, the team looks at one of the most noble utility issues – charity.

Take a charitable position
If we only look at the last decade, consumers’ buying habits have changed towards subscription-based offers, with companies such as Netflix leading the way. Charities are no different, and they are also moving towards a similar model, with initial success in voluntary organizations encouraging large donations by raising smaller amounts. The regularity of these payments also aims to provide more reliable funding for charitable initiatives. While it was a popular credit card model, many have since turned to cryptocurrency to make these payments easier due to lower fixed costs, so that the bulk of donated funds can be allocated to the cause.

With cryptocurrency, charities can make the same recurring subscription payments through 8Pay. The 8Pay team has since started working with Charity World, a partnership that allows cryptocurrency donations directly from a user’s Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In addition, the team also began collaborating with the non-profit organization AliceForchildren. NGO has continued to work in Kenya since 2006, developing projects to support children and women.

By helping the world of philanthropy, the team believes that it will increasingly improve the lives of many people through the power of the cryptocurrency world.

More information about 8Pay here
8Pay includes automatic payment and scheduled payments features to help you prepare and schedule as many recurring payments as possible and organize them by name. Payments can also be configured to suspend, activate or delete at any time. Users can now take advantage of a range of tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Pancakeswap (CAKE) and Tether (USDT), and more cryptocurrencies are expected to be added soon. Users will also receive additional benefits through a tiered program, which in some cases will allow transactions at a discount or even for free.

Access to other top sellers
The platform indicates that this is just one of the use cases they are exploring with the possibilities of their applications. With the increase in e-commerce sales, which is becoming an industry force, 8Pay seeks to negotiate with more sellers who will then have the opportunity to integrate 8Pay’s services. The team challenged itself to continue working with major vendors, complete further integrations and participate in live streams on the Solana blockchain over the next year.

With the release of new features as the development progresses, 8Pay dApp continues to grow in parallel, making the solution more user-friendly. The team’s goal is to continue to expand the use of 8Pay and build momentum against the massive use of cryptocurrency payments in general.

Source: CoinTelegraph