The Northwest Arkansas Council, made up of business leaders to promote development in the region, announced a crypto incentive program to attract technicians and entrepreneurs who want to work remotely.

In a statement on Wednesday, Chairman and CEO Nelson Peacock said the region will seek to expand its pool of tech talent by offering $10,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) — about 0.23 BTC at a current price of $43,610 in addition. On a bicycle or membership in artistic and cultural institutions. The Bitcoin & Bicycle Program, the next phase of the regional Life Works Here initiative, is specifically aimed at attracting professionals in blockchain-related fields. The program will offer a crypto incentive to eligible individuals who want to live for at least one year in northwest Arkansas — likely near the cities of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville.

“Northwest Arkansas is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and we’re now seeing more and more explosive growth in our technology sector,” Peacock said.

“This expanded incentive offer […] not only exemplifies the growing trend of using cryptocurrency as a payment method for employers, but also helps increase our talent flow for the benefit of tech employers, start-ups, cities and local businesses. The region is everything.”

Bentonville, Arkansas from above. Source: Northwest Arkansas Council.
Requirements for job seekers include the ability to work alongside, relocate to the area within six months of acceptance, and two years of experience from their current position in the technology industry. Northwest Arkansas is already headquartered in Bentonville, a major Walmart retailer — the Walton Family Foundation contributes to the Bitcoin and Bicycle program, Walmart founder Sam Walton co-founds the board as well as the university’s Blockchain Center of Excellence in Arkansas. Provides training on technologies that support the blockchain.

“Next-generation talent is essential to making our region a hub for future technology and innovators,” said Marie Lacetti, director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence.

In many reports, Northwest Arkansas appears to have been identified as an alternative to burgeoning technology centers in the US such as Austin, Texas – although the number of businesses in the city has grown exponentially over the past year, increased interest has led to soaring rents and housing. … costs. It may be too early to see migration to the Midwest, but companies including electric car maker Kano have announced plans to open a headquarters in the state’s northwest region.

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Before and during the pandemic, several mid-sized US cities introduced similar cash-based programs for remote transplant businesses, apparently in an effort to stimulate the local economy. The NWA Council launched the Life Works Here initiative in November 2020, but Tulsa, Oklahoma was one of the first to offer certain individuals $10,000 to relocate from 2018 to areas in West Virginia, Kansas, Vermont, Connecticut, and Alabama. … …

Source: CoinTelegraph