An independent cryptocurrency website says it provides opportunities for thousands of people who can’t find work on more established platforms.

AnyTask reports that talented people in some emerging economies have found it difficult to use outside employment opportunities in the best locations because they need access to a bank account. And in countries where millions live on only $ 2-3 a day, the 20% commission means it’s often impossible to work with Upwork and Fiverr.

But unlike competing services, AnyTask doesn’t charge freelancers for hard work, so they can keep 100% of their income. Cryptocurrency-focused companies have designed the platform so that talented people can get paid in ETN, the Electroneum cryptocurrency, when their projects are completed.

Freelancers using the site say they’ve learned new skills and built trust by partnering with clients from all over the world, and in some cases, crypto support has been a lifesaver.

“He made me who I am today.”
Ogvuch Clement Ochera, the author, said he reached out to AnyTask after having trouble withdrawing money he made on Fiverr. Living in Nigeria – a country where consumers face restrictions, which means they cannot receive money through PayPal.

Despite the unemployment rate in the African country of 27.1%, the 27-year-old man received a five-star rating and loyal clients, which allowed him to complete his studies and gain financial independence.

Overnight is not alone. Joseph Ojichoku has spent hundreds of hours perfecting his video editing skills profitably – now he edits clips, designs logos and animates boards. He also just completed a degree, which allowed him to expand the range of services he offers on AnyTask.

He also had trouble getting money from PayPal on competing sites – so much so that he had to rely on costly and risky methods to get around restrictions in Nigeria that made freelancing “extremely difficult and extremely discouraging.”

And in a world where it often takes five working days for freelance translators to receive their money, Ogishoku said he was impressed with how he managed to get ETN out in minutes.

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ETN can be used through a dedicated app where users can purchase data and transfer times for mobile phones in over 160 countries, as well as top-up electricity meters in five countries. Ogechukwu says he has already done so, calling it proof that it is a cryptocurrency with benefits.

Capture new areas
AnyTask claims that, thanks to its unique marketplace, it is home to freelancers that small businesses cannot find anywhere else, and these talented individuals have also strived to offer services that no one else can.

Croatian teenage girl Nikola Bubic has carved a niche for herself by helping her clients automate their homes by giving them the ability to turn on lights, garage doors and even a coffee machine from their mobile phone. But his true passion is 3D modeling, and the profits he made from AnyTask helped him buy a 3D printer and diversify his profile.

In a world where thousands of people offer Photoshop writing and editing services, making it extremely difficult to get freelance gigs at a reasonable cost, the platform claims to allow entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd and showcase their skills in a new way.

AnyTask, launched by Electroneum, says it all achieves this while instilling confidence in shoppers that they will receive a high standard of complete service. They are guaranteed a full refund if they are not 100% satisfied with the project.

Source: CoinTelegraph