According to Google Trends, interest in non-innate symbols, or NFTs, rose to a level close to the level of searches for the word “ ICO ” during a bull market mania in 2017. Eight days before the end of March, the current rise in interest could exceed ICO interest at that time, which would actually be an impressive feat.

The original coin supply obsession in 2017 was partly and partly due to the rally in 2017, which culminated in Bitcoin’s timid rally to $ 20,000.

Given NFTs, which include games, music, art, and virtual land – and may even represent real-world things like homes – they likely have a much larger audience than the financial and tech people that the ICO has attracted.

The interest in search terms has undoubtedly been sparked by regular media that enthusiastically covers NFTs, which are selling at astonishing prices, including a poster from digital artist Beeple, who sells for $ 69 million at Christie’s, and music producer 3LAU, who sells his new album In the name of NFT for $ 11.7 million.

Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie, and Boy George

Currency exchange announced that it will launch a new marketplace for NFT that will include Snoop Dog, Lionel Richie, Boy George and the beloved James Bond team Aston Martin in Formula 1. The platform, which opens on March 26th, will focus on “delivering unique content from famous artists and musicians.” Athletes and athletes. ”

Team Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One will launch a series of platform-based events to capitalize on the success of sports memorabilia platforms including NBA Top Shot and Sorare. Team CEO Jefferson Slack said:

“Our NFT range reflects the early moments of our return to F1 after more than six decades.”
The new Aston Martin team will make its Formula 1 debut in Bahrain on March 28th.

Make a robot

The art created by Gaka-Chu, an autonomous robot developed by the Robonomics team, is currently up for auction at the NFT Rarible Market. The robot has already been making art for more than three years now, but this is said to be the first time that a work created by a robot has been sold as an NFT.

A unique aspect is that robot-generated art is completely self-directed, and the creation process is recorded and embedded in NFT. One Piece, currently priced at $ 1,674, contains a robot that paints the Ethereum logo with an attached sentence: “This would never have happened without Ethereum. I can work, create and live my best life.”

Soon 3 million GameTalkTalk users will be able to create carbon-free NFTs

Enjin has partnered with Ludena Protocol to integrate green NFTs into Korea’s best social gaming app, GameTalkTalk. The partnership will enable the app’s 3 million users to create their own NFTs for digital fashion, pets, and real estate.

According to the release, Enjin’s multi-strand approach will reduce the environmental impact of NFT engraving (present-day hotkey problem) through a combination of technologies, including JumpNet, a gasless scaling solution. The app will also feature technologies from major gaming brands, including Blizzard and SEGA.

A $ 500,000 digital home on Mars

NFT collector paid $ 500,000 for a digital home in a Martian-like landscape. That’s more than most homes here in the physical world need on Earth.

Mars House in Superrare sold earlier this week for 288 ETH. Krist Kim, the innovator, called it the first true digital home, and it was designed in collaboration with an architect using video game software.

In an Instagram post, Kim explained that the new owner can revitalize the home and furniture with the help of a team of glass furniture manufacturers from Italy. Kim also has a clear understanding of the potential to display art in a physical home.

“Everyone should install LED NFT wall art in their home.”
So in theory, you could display your $ 500K home on the wall of your $ 300K apartment.

Source: CoinTelegraph