The legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather gives a new blow to the crypto space with the launch of a new non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse project called Mayweverse.

NFT will provide a picture of Mayweather itself, and owners will be offered various facilities and prizes, depending on the rarity of the item. At the time of writing, not much is known about the project other than that it will be a boxing team in Metaverset.

The launch date and price have not been set, but the hype surrounding the project is growing rapidly. The project’s Discord channel already has over 5,000 members.

Mayweather’s involvement in this new NFT project is remarkable given his poor performance with crypto projects in the past. Mayweather promoted a high-profile crypto scam called Centra Tech that defrauded more than $ 25 million of investors in 2018. By 2019, Mayweather and co-promoter DJ Khaled had to pay $ 600,000 and $ 150,000, respectively, to participate in the project’s marketing. .

Twitter personality Coffeezilla stated that Mayweather is now “frantically removing evidence of the recent NFT scam” to appear to be publishing Mayweverse in good faith. Other projects promoted by Floyd NFT include Bored Bunny and Bored BAD Bunny.

Your part of the Great Barrier Reef
A marine biologist hopes to lead new efforts to preserve Australia’s Great Barrier Reef by re-mapping the world’s largest reef system and selling the results as NFTs, one hectare at a time.

Dr. Brett Keitel is working with ReeFi DAO to digitally map the entire Great Barrier Reef off the northwest coast of Australia and give people around the world the chance to see it for themselves. Dr. Keitel believes that access to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders will inspire NFT owners to take care of the environment.

Dr Keitel told Australia’s national broadcaster ABC that each NFT would be a “realistic 3D model”. He believes NFT owners will be able to try something they otherwise would not get and help with the health of the reef. According to climate researchers at, coral reefs are experiencing climate change and ocean acidification.

Collectors will be able to act as trustees for their NFT Reef department.

“You can sit in an attic in New York State and not be able to see the Great Barrier Reef, but you can hire a service provider and have someone remove [the crown of thorns] the starfish from your reef.”
The Australian airline Qantas Airways emits NFT
Australia’s largest airline will issue a series of commemorative NFTs celebrating the company’s 102-year history in aviation.

The airline announced this on March 22 on its website and said that the group would not just be part of the story. Early NFT buyers will receive frequent flyer points called Qantas Points, and the airline said it has “several exciting future benefits for Qantas NFT holders.”

NFTs should fall by the middle of the year.

Crafton and Solana partner
The South Korean gaming company Krafton has partnered with Solana (SOL), a first-class blockchain project, to develop and run blockchain-based games using NFTs.

In a company statement, the head of Web3 at Krafton Hyungchul Park said he expects the partnership will enable Krafton to “gain the insights needed to accelerate blockchain-based investment and expertise.”

Krafton is the company behind the popular game PUBG: Battlegrounds. It is not yet clear which direction the company will take with the partnership and whether it will turn the game’s assets into tokens from the popular Battle Royale game.

Krafton made the biggest profit in 2021 and earned over $ 1.5 billion thanks to the success of the main game.

Other good news
Video game retailer Gamestop has launched a marketplace for NFT on Loopring’s Tier 2 solution. Beta has been released on the market. Loopring’s development manager says the market will allow collectors to create and trade NFTs “quickly, cheaply and securely.”

On March 22, Vives NFT Market was hit by a security breach that resulted in the theft of millions of tokens in the app, known as Gems. The market was closed during the investigation.

Source: CoinTelegraph