Although NFTs continue to gain popularity, the audience size appears to be small, mainly limited to those already active in the cryptocurrency world. One of the main reasons for not embedding is that the underlying technology is no more visible than its ability to add a collection. What many do not realize, however, is that the use of NFTs goes far beyond digital artwork. NFTs can also be used to create online experiences and games for residents who are hungry for adventure.

Unlike group games, which like to play on the user’s ability to learn, test strategic decision making and provide opportunities for socialization. Combining these features with a Play for Profit model (P2E) can help players invest their time.

Traditionally, when a player leaves the game, any time or any financial investment is gone. By using the blockchain, players can sell what they have been able to collect in the game and turn video game expenses into an investment. While more and more game developers are starting to get involved in the NFT area, most blockchain games of this generation are less interesting and engaging than traditional video games.

DEEPSPACE (DPS) is considered a revolutionary emerging platform, and aims to create an enhanced P2E game that solves these problems on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Asked about their goals for the team, DEEPSPACE (DPS) members said: “We are all players, and we will create a game that deepens and engages players,” an element “that is often missing from most current generation blockchains. ” game”.

Explore the galaxy in a spaceship
DEEPSPACE (DPS) offers several features that they think will be really exciting for players, including the ability to customize assets in the game, explore a new world and battle against other players. In DEEPSPACE (DPS), players are encouraged to capture their own spaceship and explore the galaxy. Users will be able to mine, build, fight against or modify their ship. Any modifications that are made can be made for value or strategic purposes to improve their chances in battle.

However, the DEEPSPACE platform (DPS) claims that the NFT market will be the first aspect of the game to be launched. In the market, players can buy and sell land, weapons, spaceships and other items to help them explore the platform. Players can gain value as they progress in the game and develop their characters.

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The marketplace is integrated with the rest of the DEEPSPACE (DPS) platform, so you can quickly connect with like-minded players looking for items to swap to help them increase the progress of the meta-verse. In addition to exploration, players can also participate in combat scenarios, including player against player (PvP) and player against enemy (PvE). In player versus player scenarios, users can battle against each other with the intention of gaining resources, rare regions or other desired locations in the solar system.

The world of DEEPSPACE (DPS) consists of several different planets, each of which is divided into parts that form a property in the game. The property will be sold through an auction on the market, the prices depend on the size and frequency of resource updates. In addition, properties can be abandoned through marketing campaigns or randomly to ensure that landlords maintain an equal balance.

Any property purchased will also be used as a game feature that can be earned in the metaverse, where any landowner in the game can earn commissions from guests who gather resources on their planets.

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DEEPSPACE Development Team (DPS) believes in giving players full ownership of all their gaming equipment. As a result, players are encouraged to continue to participate in the game’s economy, which will continue to create and add value to other players and investors.

Since the launch of the token on August 23, a team of over 20 people has done a great job with DEEPSPACE (DPS) game mechanics, infrastructure, asset design, 3D modeling, concept design, meta-knowledge, community and token design.

Metaverse Alpha will be released the week of December 27 on Testnettet with the following additional releases. The team plans to continuously build and expand DEEPSPACE Metaverse (DPS) next year and beyond.

Source: CoinTelegraph