As celebrities, athletes and politicians fall in love with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a growing industry has recruited a veteran astronaut to share their time in space with NFTs.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Scott Kelly, a retired American astronaut, said he has a “growing curiosity” about blockchain technology and NFTs. According to Kelly, he has been following the blockchain for six years and has seen the potential.

“I have a growing curiosity about how this is going to play a role in the evolution of the universe, and I want to be a part of it,” Kelly said. For this reason, the astronaut wanted to present himself to the NFT community and contribute to charitable causes.

The American astronaut Scott Kelly in spacesuit. Source:
The veteran astronaut recently released an NFT collection called Dreams Out of This World, which recreates Kelly’s space journey with several digital works of art. The campaign sold 3,333 NFTs and raised $ 500,000, which will benefit the nonprofit Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) to help war-torn people in Ukraine:

“The Ukraine crisis is very close to me, so we will donate 100% of the proceeds from the original GEM sale to support Ukraine’s aid.”
While Kelly admits that there are many other ways to help, the astronaut is grateful that the launch of the NFT group has enabled him to help victims of the crisis. “I’m grateful for the launch of the project at a time that allows me to support them in a way that I may not be able to do on my own,” Kelly said.

Kelly also hopes that his exposure to the NFT world will encourage other astronauts to explore the industry as well. He told the Cointelegraph:

“NFTs can give astronauts a new opportunity to share their experiences instead of posting them online, where they can quickly get lost in the mixing process.”
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Meanwhile, a Web3 initiative called Reli3f has raised $ 1.5 million to help Ukraine. Through the second group of NFT, the project raised funds that will be distributed to various charities working on the Ukrainian crisis.

Source: CoinTelegraph