The irreplaceable icon man, or NFT, seems to have reached an explicit parody after the premiere of the NBC comedy Saturday Night Live, a parody of US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Yesterday on a show hosted by former actress Maya Rudolph, Yellen, played by comedian Kate McKinnon, speaks in an economics class at the university when a student asks her to talk about things that can not be replaced through rap.

“What the hell is NFT? Obviously cryptocurrency. Everyone makes a lot of money – can you explain what an NFT is? ”

The infographic provides a silly list of some real and innovative NFTs in the crypto room, including photos of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Chuck Cheese and Family Guy character Peter Griffin dropping a basketball. The characters consist mainly of Peter Davidson as a student who portrays rapper Eminem as Batman’s assistant Robin, Chris Reed Morpheus from the Matrix series, and the unhappy Mop Man, played by guest musician Jack Harlow, who offers the most concise explanations. iconic symbols.

“Non-fungalness means it is unique,” he said. “It can only be like you and me. NFT are blockchain lunatics. A digital ledger with transactions records information about what is happening. Once they are minted, you can sell it as art. ”

By highlighting the sudden rise in unusual art, comics and other images in digital markets, the comic rap sketch can make anyone in the coding room reminiscent of Elon Musk’s NFT show this month. The billionaire and Tesla boss posted a video in which they performed a song in which two diamond hands appear under the moon and Shiba Inu dogs swirl. Musk later said he “did not consider himself entitled to sell it” as an NFT.

During the final seconds of Saturday night’s live footage, the three symbols plus Yellen were cut from the still image and pasted into the background of the Abbey Road intersection from the Beatles album, indicating NFT’s sales for 420 broadcasts. (ETH) – at that time about $ 718,000.

Source: CoinTelegraph