Non-fungible tokens (NFT) go from a niche interest to a mainstream conversation. The selection of NFT art – from sweet to bold and scary – attracts a new audience of enthusiasts. Beyond art, NFTs provide insight into the next level of social interaction.

Designed as small social media, NFTs can open the door to a new form of social media based on creativity, ownership and contribution.

Groups act as hubs for NFT projects
Dozens of Discord and Telegram groups show up every week to support new NFT projects. These groups serve as a starting point for the project and help people communicate and learn about the NFT space. A quick interception of a Twitter Spaces conversation with one of these groups reveals a wide range of people who are interested in NFT. Some of the contributors are experienced crypto users, many are new to NFT, and some have not used crypto at all. For novice cryptocurrency users, these groups create a more user-friendly setup that reduces the anxiety of getting started with cryptocurrency.

Conversations in these groups reveal a common interest in digital expression and a desire to connect with a community of like-minded people. Society’s values ​​are often shaped by the quality and rarity of art and ideas, which are combined with budding energy in society. Like other forms of social cooperation, these groups usually have specific leaders who are interested in developing and nurturing the community. These members set the tone, help organize the community, and enforce community rules.

Each group sets their own roles, values ​​and codes of conduct – often in a way that mimics animal characteristics or ideas in NFT artwork. The Monkey Isle monkeys share monkey memes, Degen Yitis hits each other with phrases like “Haha Yeti” and CryptoDads share their best dad jokes. The groups have a common vocabulary for those who know. Almost all groups greet each other with the word “gm” – an acronym for “good morning” popularized by CryptoTwitter.

And you will often see comments like “you rarely look” – a hat tip or a funny insult to the rarity of NFT. This type of teasing is the lifeblood of the NFT community, and for many enthusiasts it replaces endless scrolling on Facebook and Instagram.

The world goes into Metaverset
The major social networks have reached a tipping point. Regulatory concerns about digital privacy and declining user trust raise questions about the future of these ubiquitous platforms. As the world enters a new phase of digital interaction – a place that some call Metaverse – users think of forms of expression and interactions that do not require giving up digital privacy.

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NFTs can be a step towards new social interactions, an idea that may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. TikTok recently announced a creator-led NFT group, Twitter enables NFT validation for profiles, and Coinbase launches NFT Marketplace. These clues point to a wider audience that can give us the opportunity to make NFT an important part of our social connections. Large social media will continue to play a role, but the ideas that emerge in the NFT communities highlight a new type of social interaction based on NFTs instead of subscriptions and likes.

Distribute beyond monetary value
All local communities are fighting for awareness of the project because it can lead to a higher “lower price” – the average cost for NFT in secondary markets. Unlike the average price, more advanced communities think about how they can add value to members with benefits and exclusive access. This type of membership bonus is an open opportunity to add new interest on top of the cash value to NFT.

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The use of government-funded government bonds is becoming more popular as communities try to act on their ideas. As of this writing, the nouns have 13,722 Ether (ETH) in their vault – an incredible amount for a decentralized community built on NFT. CryptoDad’s makes beer and CyberKongz builds a banana machine, which you guessed it produces more NFT. Adding an edge to NFT projects dominated by profile pictures and memes can seem counter-intuitive. But as they mature, these communities find creative ways to adapt their work around common values.

DAO and innovative judgment
As groups find their place in the decision-making process in society, the need for governance has stimulated the idea of ​​decentralization.

Source: CoinTelegraph