Brenda Gentry, a former US mortgage insurance agent based in Texas, believes that the crypto ecosystem provides a chance to overcome the generational curse of poverty.

Gentry, nicknamed MsCryptoMom, has left her decades-long job as a banker to pursue a career in crypto, as her first investment in early 2020 highlighted the “unique opportunity offered by crypto.” She currently runs Gentry Media Productions, a company that offers decentralized finance (DeFi) consulting and non-volatile token (NFT) projects and produces up to 20 ether (ETH) each month, which is approximately $ 50,000 at the time of writing.

Gentry spoke to Cointelegraph and remembered the moment she first bought cryptocurrency:

“It was in early 2020, under quarantine. I bought Bitcoin, Ethereum and Link from Coinbase. When I started, I almost gave up sometimes. I just want to help others find an easier way to get into crypto.”
Through these early investments, Gentry also dedicated her time to exploring DeFi, which eventually led her to invest in altcoins. The contractor acknowledges that it takes a lot of effort to learn to code, and posts educational content on its website and adds:

“I also run workshops to educate the public on how to navigate this area and what to look for when looking for good NFT projects or DeFi tokens, as well as how to detect scams or scams quickly.”
Imani, Gentry’s youngest daughter and business partner, told the Cointelegraph about the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among her friends. She said:

“The trend I’m interested in is people who follow the trends – each of them creates their own projects and groups of 10,000, because they saw the result.”
In what may come as a surprise to many, Gentry had no Plan B and only the moral support of her family before committing to relaunching her career as the new owner of Bundlesbets, a DeFi platform dedicated to sports betting. “My husband and daughters inspired me to fully dedicate myself to fulfilling my dreams, and I’m so glad I did,” she added.

“I do not want anyone left.” By giving back to society, the nobles intend to help accelerate the breaking of the curses of generational poverty around the world. This year, she plans to visit her native Kenya and give her non-profit organization Educate A Child “knowledge of this new asset class and the opportunities that blockchain technology offers”.

For people who want to do the same, Gentry recommends exploring this place first before jumping into it. According to her, you need to understand the bad side of cryptocurrencies to avoid fraud, which is more relevant for new investors:

“When it comes to investing in crypto, the opportunity to find financial freedom is well worth watching some tutorials on YouTube or reading a book on the subject.”
Imani, 19, believes that crypto will be the reality of the future. She concluded by addressing the younger generation:

“Take the time to learn and get involved in this area, even teaching your parents, siblings and others, because blockchain and cryptocurrencies are disruptive technologies that will require a major paradigm shift in how we currently think about centralized finance and fiat- money. ”
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Source: CoinTelegraph