The non-token investment firm is preparing to raise £ 10 million ($ 13.7 million) by being listed on the global Aquis Securities Exchange, according to Reuters.

The company, called NFT Investments, was founded by the founders of the cryptocurrency mining company Argo Blockchain.

While promoting NFT Investments as an investment vehicle for unique digital artwork, he expects the investment to cost the company £ 25 million ($ 34.4 million).

The NFT market grew earlier this year, with some digital art selling for $ 70 million in recent weeks. In just three months, the industry as a whole has reached more than half a billion dollars.

Impossible tokens differ from typical cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) in that they are designed to be unique and not fungible with other tokens like them. This makes them useless as a transaction currency, but they are valuable as indicators of individual ownership. To date, works from any number of popular and artistic media have been transferred to blockchain as NFTs, including but not limited to graphics, paintings, computer art, music and GIFs.

However, not everyone believes that the industry will remain as it is. Buzz from the mainstream media continues to warn of an impending bubble eruption, while celebrities from the cryptocurrency area express concern that NFT may just be another game for wealthy celebrities.

Source: CoinTelegraph