In recent years, many new applications of blockchain technology have emerged. However, many believe that the best practical uses for this technology have not yet arrived. Some believe this will take the form of the metaverse, the next plausible iteration of the Internet. Using the meta-verse, any participant can enter the virtual world that connects different environments. This is very different from the assumption of most people that the meta-verse is limited to virtual reality (VR), which is by no means true. In addition to virtual reality, the meta-verse includes interactive and real-life values, the ability to move from one place to another (or teleport), and apply strategy and problem solving in a digital environment.

The vision, in its simplicity, is that people can interact with the metaverse by using a 3D avatar that represents itself – think of something like Ready Player One. However, the meta-universes are still in their infancy and can change, especially when big technology companies like Facebook (now Meta) and popular games played to make money start working to bring the concept to life.

Playermon is an example of a money game that gives people the opportunity to participate in the meta-verse. The team strives to bring benefits to the entire ecosystem with the ability to generate revenue from a third party. In practice, this style of play allows players to exchange their winnings for real money in a more complex in-game economy. The game itself does this by providing SGEM tokens that can be earned by completing quests.

The combination of making real money, growing through the ability to develop characters and participate in combat scenarios, along with low entry costs, positions the game as what players are most likely to connect to in the long run.

In terms of design, Ji Sheng Tang, CEO and co-founder of Playermon Stock,

The “play to make money” model will reduce the gap between players who want to earn extra income and those who are interested in the game. While the social element of the game metaverse will delight players, the model itself will disrupt the gaming industry and create a new boom where players can become crypto investors. “.

The launch date is approaching
Playermon is scheduled for release in December 2021, with the ability for players to purchase, plan and interact with their favorite Playermon in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) in the game’s metavers. Thanks to NFT, this game is currently running in the Social-GameFi category with more potential than the user can expect from the Game for Profit project. The magic happens in the meta-verse, and allows users to participate in the Revenue League to create a scholarship program. Users can earn money by playing the game or using items to exchange in-game assets through the Playermon ecosystem.

However, the game is just the beginning of what Playermon plans to offer. Today, the non-NFT gaming market has around 4 billion users, 200 million users of cryptocurrency, but only 2 million players play for profit. These numbers prove the enormous potential the game has to offer for the massive use of the digital currency itself.

More information about PLAYERMON here
To visualize the metaverse, the next two months will be filled with several upcoming milestones for the project team, including the launch ramp 18-19. November, Token Generation Event (TGE) November 22, and the first game release in December. 22. Together, these events aim to develop user creativity and allow players to build and visit other players’ planets. After these events, users will see for themselves what the next innovative path to social creativity will look like.

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The development team and other fans of Playermon have put a lot of resources into the success of the game and have proven their commitment. Team Tokens, Game Tokens and Treasury Tokens are issued for ten years to ensure that the game contains enough tokens to pay for the bet, to ensure that it lasts long after the mission.

Source: CoinTelegraph