The decentralized platform gives investors access to balanced baskets of digital assets that act as an efficient store of value.

Digital Reserve offers several wallets, the creation of which depends on the choice of the members of the community. The project says that there is no organization or person under control, as users communicate directly with smart contracts.

The first portfolio is aimed at raising capital. While 40% of the encapsulated bitcoin is allocated, 40% is also allocated to PAX Gold, which is an asset-backed token associated with an ounce of precious metal. The remaining 20% ​​goes to encapsulated ether.

A less volatile alternative aimed at securing capital preservation suggests that 90% of the treasury is dedicated to USDC stackecoin. The remaining 10% is then divided equally between PAX Gold and the encapsulated bitcoin to reduce the risk of inflation.

The third portfolio focuses on high volatility and “significant capital gains”. While 30% is awarded to encapsulated ether, the remaining 70% is split between Harvest Bonus Tokens and 88 Mph. Another portfolio with a focus on surrogate funds is currently in the tender phase, and tenders are accepted on DR Discord. According to the plan, interest-bearing treasuries will be shown in the second quarter of 2021.

How it works
The core of this project is a digital reserve currency, which aims to become a decentralized digital store with value with limited access and zero inflation.

The Digital Reserve says the approach can ensure that DRC token holders can hedge against inflation and find wallets that match their risk appetite. A varied and balanced portfolio has never been more important in this unstable time – and the goal of the project is to keep it as simple as possible. A user-friendly interface means that deposits and withdrawals can be made immediately, and investors can track the results of the portfolios in real time.

All portfolios offered by Digital Reserve are regularly balanced weekly or monthly, depending on market conditions. The smart contract in the heart of DR has been reviewed by Dedaub, and helps users find security when it comes to security. In the coming months, money in disaster recovery vaults should be protected.

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Additional vaults will be created on a regular basis in the future – and while cryptocurrency markets have been active in recent months, DR’s ecosystem of products is designed to help investors conserve capital in the event of an economic downturn.

The community works
Simoleon Fund, a hedge fund under Halcyon Global Opportunities with $ 700 million in assets under management, recently acquired an unknown number of secondary DRC tokens. Their investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo is based on a strong belief in its perceived value and long-term viability.

The core of the project is the DRC Foundation, led by five members of the community, which DRC holders vote for every three months to help develop the platform. Its mission is to protect the ecosystem and contribute to its global adoption and success, not to control or manage the network itself.

“We believe that due to deficiencies in the current financial system, with its overvalued assets, leveraged products and centralized manipulation, the demand for decentralized and control-resistant assets in the ‘store of value’ will increase dramatically,” the fund said in a statement.

Looking ahead, building and launching new archives is a priority for the coming months – in addition to expanding the global awareness campaign. In the second half of the year, the DRC intends to explore opportunities for partnerships with international organizations, all with the aim of making the crypto platform more accessible in developing countries. This work will also begin to build relationships with financial service providers to enable them to integrate the Democratic Republic of Congo into their ecosystems.

Source: CoinTelegraph