Despite market uncertainty, NFT games have lit the way forward with stunning visuals, compelling stories and new cross-chain capabilities.
“Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic field… Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all her generals and emperors so that she can immediately own a fraction of a drop of glory and victory.”

The above quote on Carl Sagan is being used by Metaverse Studios to set the stage for NFT-powered blockbuster sci-fi RPG Angelic. Beautifully crafted, the game—as Sagan’s quote foreshadows—asks players to look beyond their everyday notions of space and time.

Given the current bullishness of the market, many in the NFT and crypto industry are going to change their outlook. We were able to speak with Anastasia Wolgemut, Operations Director of Angelic, about the current uncertainty in the market, how Angelic has evolved and what lies ahead for the game and the industry

What was the main motivation for moving Angelique specifically from Solana to Cross-Chain?
Our choice to expand Angelic into multiple series was influenced by the premise that everyone should have equal access and enjoy all aspects of the game within our universe. It is no secret that even with significantly higher gas fees, Ethereum is still one of the more used and popular blockchains, giving Angelic the opportunity to support the larger gaming community, especially the guilds, which education and community Supports gamers through construction .

Does being a single chain or multi chain game affect the gameplay? What will players notice about this change?
When describing Angelic I always say “we are games first, and blockchain second,” or, simply put, “chain agnostic,” to the untrained eye no blockchain component is visible I want to make sure Those traditional gamers who focus on gameplay like our web3 community and are able to appreciate. To achieve this, Angelic will automatically collect all acquired in-game NFT from our players via custom back-end wallets, which will be accessed at any moment whenever they search about what Web3 has to offer and They will be willing to go


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How did your community react to this news?
We regularly communicate with our community, especially when it comes to major developments on our roadmap. And as a result, the community reaction was overall positive, especially when we announced our decision to partner with ImmutableX, the leading game-oriented Layer 2 scaling solution for NFT on Ethereum. We would like to find a partner that is able to provide an ecosystem not only angelically for us, but also for our players, who will now enjoy the benefits of fast and secure solutions complemented by gas-free minting and traditional players.

You came out very strongly against Magic Eden’s decision to make royalty payments optional on their platform. Why do you think this move sets a bad precedent in the industry?
We know a lot of makers and small projects in this space who spend months if not weeks creating amazing works of art in the hopes that their art will be recognized and valued. Owning your work and the rights to it is also a fundamental principle that gave rise to the idea of decentralized networks — not to mention that most creators rely on royalties as a way to generate sustainable income

In my opinion, before resorting to removing autonomy from manufacturers, markets should first remove their fees entirely, as a way to show support for communities and help sustain the ecosystem during uncertainty in this bear market is the way of.

Has the current turmoil in the market affected Angelique?
Developing games isn’t easy. Developing a triple-A narrative, strategy RPG backed by blockchain in a bear market, while watching the second largest exchange in the world disintegrate before our very eyes within days — well I’m sure we all the same feel and in recent weeks things have felt equally uncertain.

The total impact on gaming projects like Angelic is unknown. Carefully considering our values and goals was the only way that meant we were creating and delivering our milestones as best we could. After all, I maintained the position from the get go that if blockchain died tomorrow, Angelic would still be a great quality game.


How supportive has Angelique’s ecosystem been during this time and what’s next on Angelique’s roadmap?
“You are only as strong as your weakest link.” As I have seen the community and our partners emerge in recent weeks with a shared mindset, I believe that what defines an effective and supportive ecosystem is far from what all is well

Source: CoinTelegraph