Chinese public blockchain project Nervos announced the launch of a cross-chain bridge between it and Ethereum.

The Force Bridge launch of Nervos was announced on December 17, as the bridge includes support for ERC-20 tokens and seamless transfers between Ethereum and Nervos’ CKB chain.

The team claims that the bridge is inspired by the Force Staff tool from the popular Dota 2 game, which allows users to impose objects in the virtual world.

Nervos claims that the unreliable architecture simplifies the steps required to perform the Internet business, and describes other bridges that require distributing “a new asset in the target chain, registering an address in Ethereum and defining the relationship between transferred assets” to achieve the Internet’s business. String functions.

In contrast, developers don’t need to perform any integrations to access Force Bridge, as Nervos Bridge requires users to only deploy ERC-20 to initiate asset transfers – with built-in CKB support for ERC-20 smart contracts that require no further step. To enter into a contract. Implementation of. Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervous, said:

“Interoperability has been and remains a central focus of the Nervos team as we develop our infrastructure to support the next generation of DeFi applications.”
Ethereum users can access Force Bridge directly from their wallets. The team hopes that Ethereum developers will turn to the Nervos network to expand the DApp ecosystem and user base.

Ethereum’s meteoric success in the midst of the Q3 DeFi boom and the launch of the Eth2 beacon network in December have inspired several well-known blockchain projects to open bridges between their private networks and Ethereum.

On November 24, Ava Labs unveiled the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge, which was developed by ChainSafe as part of the Avalanche-X Scholarship Program. In August, PureStake received a grant from the Web3 Foundation to develop cross-chain functionality between Ethereum and the Moonbeam umbrella for substrate-based smart contracts.

Several projects also want to create a crossover architecture outside of Ethereum, with Chorus One receiving a scholarship in November to build a bridge between Celo and Cosmos.

Source: CoinTelegraph