Once the coronavirus pandemic is over and the lockdown is over, one thing is a priority for many of us: book a vacation.

But that’s the problem – many hotel rooms have high fees and some travel websites act as middlemen adding huge commissions in the process.

Now Electroneum is announcing that its original digital assets can be used as a payment method on LockTrip, a website where translators around the world can discover secret travel deals and save up to 60% on vacation costs.

The cryptocurrency company is constantly on the lookout for new use cases for ETN, a cryptocurrency used by millions of people around the world. Electroneum has enabled ETN owners to add electricity meters using this digital currency and add value to their smartphones.

Given that LockTrip customers can book 2.1 million locations and flights from more than 1,000 airlines in 190 countries, the partnership offers the Electroneum community more choices than other cryptocurrency-centric travel sites.

“Electronum sees the real adoption of ETN in other blockchain and crypto projects where the benefits of using our encryption for their unique instant payment system and a very large interactive community have been recognized,” CEO Richard Ells told Cointelegraph. “We’re developing very quickly. After working with LockTrip, ETN has been accepted by more than 2 million companies worldwide.”

This collaboration is also good news for users of Electroneum’s freelance platform AnyTask. They will have a new way to spend their income and meet the most convenient needs when they are not in the workplace.

Why choose cryptocurrency?
According to Electroneum, using cryptocurrency to book holidays can unlock benefits that many of us may not have thought of.

First, there is the question of the fees charged by credit and debit card providers. The platform said trading ETN is a lot cheaper than using Visa and Mastercard, which means vacationers have a bigger cocktail budget on the beach. Encryption can also help consumers avoid the impact on the exchange rate when paying at a price other than their own fiat currency.

In many cases, these encrypted payments can be made simply by scanning a QR code. This is more secure than entering credit and debit card details manually. Some LockTrip users even claim they managed to protect hotel rooms that are listed as sold elsewhere.

Further information on electronics can be found here
Electroneum stated that this is the first coin launch to work directly with LockTrip. Now ETN is being introduced as a payment method along with other cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum).

To provide specific examples of LockTrip versus legal brands, the Electroneum team conducted some research. They found that using cryptocurrency instead of a debit card to book 14 nights at an airport hotel would save about $ 15 or even better. The price paid in cryptocurrency for LockTrip was $ 52 lower than Hotels.com and Skyscanner. Pay 38 pounds less. Via debit or credit card.

Given the old adage “free lunch” and the like, some people may be wondering how LockTrip offers such a competitive discount. However, the travel platform remains transparent about its methods. She works directly with key vendors to get the best deals and seeks ways to grow organically rather than relying on expensive marketing budgets.

“We won’t be asking for sales like ‘just one more room’ or warning our members against non-private private transactions. We believe that respect begins with honesty,” said Lockrip.

The company also enables customers and owners to communicate directly with one another. Given that popular sites like Airbnb and Booking.com are charging accommodation providers up to 30%, their approach can save travelers money and offer businesses significant profit margins.

Source: CoinTelegraph