NBA TopShot, a groundbreaking non-removable token (NFT) game developed by Dapper Labs, has launched on the Flow blockchain in open beta.

The transition to public beta took place on October 1, along with the launch of Top Shot on the Samsung Galaxy Store. Top Shot is the first app to offer blockchain-based collectibles hosted on the Samsung Mobile Store. It’s not yet in the Android App Store.

Top Shot allows users to collect multimedia “moments” of various rarities that have been milestones throughout the history of basketball. Limited Edition tokens display video and statistics depicting an event – such as a sum shot – with the ability to unlock extremely rare tokens by completing specific token “sets” showing related moments.

Dapper Labs pro basketball player and investor Aaron Gordon said:

“The NBA Top Shot using a scalable blockchain like Flow is the first time fans can own a piece of the game on the court.”
17,000 Top Shot Private Trial users have so far purchased approximately 43,000 NFTs, generating over $ 2 million in revenue.

About 10,500 tokens were sold on the platform’s trading floor, and the most expensive of them so far was LeBron James’ Space Dunk, which cost $ 5,200.

LeBron James “Cosmic Dunk” NFT: Best Market in the NBA
Dapper also launched a second series of five waves of rare ‘Premium Pack 2’ tokens on October 1, with all 1,492 packs sold in less than five minutes for $ 24 each. Similarly, the first wave sold out in just a few minutes, resulting in over $ 40,000 sold on September 28th.

The Top Shot combo base set was also sold last week after Dapper announced that all unsold packages from the closed beta period would be burned before the platform is open to the public.

Source: CoinTelegraph