The blockchain data platform was chosen as the winner of the first science competition by the CFTC, which is another convincing sign that distributed general ledger technology is becoming widespread.

Nakamoto Terminal, the digital resource analysis platform created by open source intelligence company Inca Digital, won the CFTC Project Streetlamp competition and Nakamoto Terminal was named “Innovator of the Year” by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for its successful implementation.

The Streetlamp Challenge project challenged innovators to develop an AI solution that could help the CFTC “automate the process of identifying and adding unregistered foreign entities” to the list of unregistered individuals. The Red List was created in 2015 to help consumers make informed investment decisions through these organizations.

Since 2015, hundreds of companies have joined the RED list.

In an official statement, LabCFTC chief and innovation chief Melissa Ntram said:

“The CFTC is pleased to recognize NTerminal as our first innovator of the year. […] Their development of an AI tool that automates the process of identifying unregistered foreign entities not only helps the commission, but ultimately helps investors take better decisions. ”
The winning bid from Nakamoto Terminal thoroughly automates metadata search and consolidation to determine if the company should be placed on the RED list.

CFTC regulators already use Nakamoto terminal technology to monitor the market and support lawsuits. Inca Digital, the company behind the platform, was founded by former INTERPOL analysts who built natural language processors to track individuals and companies, monitor the media and examine global rules.

Nakamoto Station is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the nickname of the founder of Bitcoin (BTC). The individual or entity behind the pseudonym developed Bitcoin, developed the Bitcoin White Paper and developed the first blockchain database before it actually disappeared.

Source: CoinTelegraph