Last week, the Cointelegraph newspaper published the latest discoveries of Sergio Dermein Lerner, famous for his discovery of the so-called patoche style. His latest research shows that Satoshi Nakamoto could have used one computer to extract about 1.1 million bitcoins (BTC). However, something more important seems to have been lost in the thrill of this discovery. If Lerner’s recent findings are correct, it will end seven years of speculation about the significance of this controversial model.

Lerner first wrote about the mysterious Bitcoin mining scheme in March 2013. Several confidentiality flaws in Bitcoin’s source code have allowed it to detect Satoshi’s mining operations. The essence of the pattern stems from the fact that the Satoshi mining code incremented the ExtraNonce field differently than the standard Bitcoin code. Two months ago, Lerner also suggested that Satoshi refrain from mining for the first five minutes of the block. This has led to growing speculation about the meaning of this pattern.

Some have suggested that Satoshi deliberately “tagged” their bitcoins. Others say it was Satoshi’s way of identifying parts of the state. Some speculate that Satoshi improved the hardware or code so that they can mine faster than anyone else. Still others believe this style stems from the fact that Satoshi used about 50 mining machines. This latter theory may have led Craig Wright to claim that he was using a bitcoin farm in Australia to hack his coins.

However, the truth seems less exciting but more subtle. Satoshi used a multithreaded computer for mining. (Lerner also suggested that Satoshi was probably using a programmable gate array in the domain, which would obviously be consistent with mining on Satoshi’s GPU and would not affect these findings.) To avoid redundancy, Satoshi limited each thread to a clean room. Do not overlap. When mining bitcoins, the number of nonces increases with every failed attempt to solve the hash puzzle. Thus, the fuzzy pattern may not be created by choice, but rather as a side effect of Satoshi’s unique mining setup. Lerner agreed with this conclusion, and this may have allowed us to forever abandon speculation about this theory.

Source: CoinTelegraph