Candian musician and visual artist Claire Elise Boucher, or Grimes, sold iconic $ 5.8 million artwork on the Nifty Gateway in less than 20 minutes.

On February 28, the famous musician launched his first NFT group “WarNymph” in collaboration with his brother, the digital artist Mac Bouchet.

The group takes elements from mythology and futurism to create an “Oth3rkin World”, with Grimes’ WarNymph collection featuring a goddess battling aging and the impending return to a fictional world. Nifty Gateway lists say:

“WarNymph is the goddess of a new genesis. He fights the destructive power of old ideas and the systemic decay that threatens the future. She embodies the power of eternal rebirth, which manifests itself in a state of infinite childhood when she casts her old rotten skin.”
The collection includes four drawings sold in open drawing, three pictures sold at a silent auction, and an organizational auction for a unique multimedia work.

… each work of art depicts child angels, and is often depicted in miserable scenarios that touch on popular cultural topics, such as the Matrix Incubator and Planet of the Apes.

The four open avatar sketches are priced at $ 20 and limited to 100 copies each, with each graphic randomly selected for purchase. More than 13,000 people signed up for each open draw.

Quiet auctions, which allowed bidders to compete anonymously for one of 10 copies of three works of art, fetched prices ranging from $ 77,000 to $ 111,000, despite minimum bids starting at just $ 1,000.

The most expensive NFT ever sold was “Death of the Old”, an animated film for children of flying angels while spinning a glowing white cross, accompanied by an exclusive demo track from Grimes. The piece was sold at a regular auction, and the winning bidder paid almost $ 389,000 for the unique work of art.

Grimes is a famous Canadian musician, wife of the Tesla boss, and Dogecoin fan Elon Musk. Now the entire Musk family is involved in cryptocurrencies: on February 8, Tesla invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoins, and on February 11, he bought Elon Dogecoin for his 9-month-old son so he could become a “baby scammer.”

After her iconic artistic debut, Grimes became the most successful musician in the NFT industry to date. The musician also joked that there will be more releases as she continues to develop the Oth3rkin world.

Grimes also indicated that some of the proceeds will go to Carbon 180, a non-governmental organization dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.

Grime’s debut follows other celebrities eager to embrace the NFT, such as businessman Mark Cuban, actress Lindsay Lohan, rock band singer Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda and former MLB player Mika Johnson.

Source: CoinTelegraph