Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary has announced his plans to invest in mining stocks. In an interview with Anthony Pompliano, Mr. Wonderfall shared stories about his recent trips to the Middle East to find ways to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) mining. According to the Shark Tank mogul, investors in the Middle East are looking for “great mining operations”.

O’Leary also predicts that over the next two to three years, public funds may decide to invest in bitcoin mining. However, the entrepreneur points out that the funds will be chosen by mining companies that use sustainable energy. Due to environmental disputes, the sustainability of mining is a critical factor in determining investors, according to the Canadian entrepreneur.

The businessman has also expressed interest in starting his own mining business. However, he made it clear that there were things he was thinking about before that happened. He stated that in addition to government approval, people who live in a community where mining takes place must agree to work.

Apart from this, the entrepreneur also explained that bitcoin mining companies should be able to track their BTC earnings on the company’s balance sheets. This allows investors to buy shares in a mining company and own bitcoin through shares. O’Leary notes that he will invest in BTC as part of this process.

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Back in December, O’Leary also shared with the public his thoughts on investing in cryptocurrencies. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, the entrepreneur explained that investing in cryptocurrency is similar to investing in Google and Microsoft.

“If you invest, say, in Google or Microsoft, what would you invest in? You invest in software. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in cryptocurrency? Software is there too.”

Meanwhile, the former BTC critic is also very excited about the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). O’Leary is betting that NFTs could be bigger than Bitcoin. However, he notes that he will bet on both.

Source: CoinTelegraph