Motorcycle expert turns passion project into sports analytics platform on blockchain


Skills gained by working with trading strategies, technology, computer science and a personal passion for motorcycle racing led Scott Robinson to launch a sports analysis platform. With the addition of a little blockchain, the founder of Apex146 has found new ways to move forward in the analytics industry.

Robinson started as a passionate project and offered an internship program for a professor at UC Santa Barbara. With the help of students, he developed a structure that takes into account the athletes’ performance in the MotoGP Grand Prix.

Using techniques he acquired while working in the capital markets and commodity trading at McKinsey & Company and Oliver Wyman, Robinson provides sports performance analysis that can be used on motorcycle racing.

Scott Robinson, founder and CEO of Apex146, rides informally. Source: Apex146
According to Robinson, they combined “proprietary statistical methods to achieve results similar to those obtained using the ‘moneyball’ theory in baseball.” After a while, the team expanded and earned at the expense of Serie A in 2020, and also improved the ability to index the athletes’ results.

Let’s go to the present. Robinson saw the use of blockchain in sports betting and recognized the potential for entering the market with this new technology. “There were two blockchain-based sports betting platforms that we felt had a real opportunity to penetrate the market, and there will be more in the coming years,” says Robinson.

For this reason, the team launched the Oracle blockchain through Chainlink, which allows decentralized applications (DApps) to access analytics data from Apex146. This allows developers to create math prediction markets by using related chain analysis data and embed statistics that will trigger dynamic interactions in DApps.

Also take the symbolic train without mushrooms that offers sports sets for recreational purposes.

Brian Leitner, Apex146 technical director, follows Robinson on the field. Source: Apex146
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Meanwhile, venture capitalists have also realized the potential of the crypto and blockchain industries. A recent report from fintech firm KPMG revealed that over $ 30 billion was invested in the industry last year, showing that blockchain has an important place in the global financial ecosystem.

Source: CoinTelegraph


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