Almost 5 million Swedish depositors, mostly ignorant, have indirect access to bitcoin (BTC) through a government alternative to private savings in the country’s private pension market.

According to the local crypto site Trijo News, there are at least two companies in which the Swedish state pension fund AP7 Såfa has invested units in bitcoins.

First, 0.09% of all Tesla shares are owned by AP7 Såfa: the former is known for its remarkable purchase of 48,000 BTC for a total of around $ 3 billion at current prices. Thus, AP7 Såfa’s 5 million customers have approximately 43 BTC worth 2.7 million dollars. For each saving you can get only $ 0.59 in bitcoins (940 satoshi or one hundred million 1 bitcoin) each.

AP7 Såfa also owns just over 0.1% of Square’s total capital, whose BTC holdings are somewhat modest than Tesla’s. According to calculations from client AP7 Safa, Trijo reports that they each have around $ 0.12 in BTC (190 Satoshi) through their boxing bets on Square. Trijo notes that the Tesla and Square accounts are rough and may be a bit outdated, but they indicate that millions of Swedes are affected by the cryptocurrency, and this is unknown.

As previously reported, Norwegian depositors are in the same position as their Scandinavian neighbors. A recent study found that the Norwegian government pension fund, also known as the oil fund and the largest government wealth fund, owns approximately 600 BTC through its investment holdings.

Source: CoinTelegraph