In 2013, Michael Saylor, CEO of business intelligence giant MicroStrategy, tweeted against Bitcoin (BTC), predicting the asset’s bleak future. Fast forward to 2020, when Sailor now has a large bullish position in BTC.

“I literally forgot that I ever said it,” Sailor told Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pomplano during an interview on his podcast released on Wednesday.

In recent weeks, MicroStrategy noticed that Bitcoin had turned optimistic, buying 21,454 BTC worth $ 250 million at the time of the purchase. Subsequent development showed that the company was studying the possibility of allocating more capital to the asset.

After the company switched to BTC, a 2013 tweet from Sailor appeared on Twitter comparing Bitcoin to an allegedly dying online gambling system. It may be worth noting that online gambling was not dead by the time the tweet was posted.

When Sailor announced its acquisition of MicroStrategy’s BTC earlier this year, the crypto industry responded to his sophistication with what Sailor called “good irony.”

Saylor said of the 2013 anti-Bitcoin tweet: “I’m really ashamed to say – I didn’t know I was reading this until I tweeted that I bought a $ 250 million bitcoin.”

“Then I found that Twitter’s awareness of the cryptocurrency was a beehive when they suddenly looked at all of my Tweets, found them, reminded me of them, and compared them.”
Sailor remembers having fun hopping on Twitter about the 2013 concept, and said he often tweeted his opinions of what was right at the time. In the years that followed, he decided to tweet more strategically, mostly about aspects related to MicroStrategy, although the 2013 Bitcoin Doom-and-Mister tweet remains an example of his early years on Twitter.

New news shows MicroStrategy is increasing Bitcoin even more, and it now has 38,250 BTC. The company’s shares (MSTR) are up 9% with the latest Bitcoin purchase.

Source: CoinTelegraph