MicroStrategy purchased an additional 16,796 bitcoins (BTC) for $ 175 million in addition to its previous purchases of 21,454 BTC. According to the latest post published by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, he now owns 38,250 bitcoins. It happened on the same day that his board made cryptocurrency the Treasury’s primary reserve capital. It has also been speculated that the company may replenish its Bitcoin holdings in the near future. The company’s CEO, Michael J. Slayer, mentioned the same information in his tweet earlier.

Grayscale founder Barry Silbert responded to the news with his own tweet, commenting on the race between the two companies to acquire bitcoins.

Sharp observers on Twitter noted that MicroStrategy appears to have been worth an average of $ 11111.11 per bitcoin.

However, Grayscales Bitcoin Trust is far ahead of the game, as it currently owns over 400,000 bitcoins. MicroStrategy catches up.

Source: CoinTelegraph