Microstrategy CEO Michael Sailor said he has wanted the company’s Bitcoin coin (BTC) for 100 years and has no plans to sell it.

On August 11, Analyst Corporation announced that it had acquired 21,454 BTC for $ 250 million. That investment now stands at over $ 278 million, an increase of 11% in two months, and more bitcoins have been purchased since then.

In a new interview with Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal Sailor, the $ 250 million investment decision was made as a result of discussions between the board of directors, investors, auditors, and company executives. The sailor explained:

This is not speculation or a hedge. Adopting the Bitcoin standard is a well thought out business strategy. ”
Microstrategy decided to restructure Treasury in response to recent global economic uncertainty and wanted to examine suitable assets to support long-term securities.

But after looking at a number of options from a 100-year perspective, Sailor decided Bitcoin was the only option. He concluded that taxes and taxes kill nearly all other assets, and that those who do not kill are paralyzed because they are under the control of the CEO, the government, or the state.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is evolving and getting tougher, stronger and faster over time, Sailor concluded, describing BTC as “a cell of electronic wasps protected by a wall of encrypted energy.”

Looking at Ethereum as an alternative to Bitcoin, he told Pal that it had not been compared because they were “still looking for jobs.” He explained that it “still needs to be proven,” adding:

“It has central competitors, and they [Ethereum] have not yet finished a functional architecture.”
The fact that Bitcoin is so big compared to all other cryptocurrencies is that “the market is shouting to you that it’s a winner, […] it’s eating up the world.”

Sailor argued that Bitcoin is the best security in the world that cannot even be compared to gold or other commodities. Tell Pal that if you keep $ 100 million in cash for 100 years, you lose 99% of it, and if you keep it in gold, you still lose 85% at best.

Sailor described Bitcoin as performing similar monetary instruments as gold, but only better and without fear of dilution – compare BTC to gold, like steel and bricks:

“If it is not a hundred times better than gold, then it is a million times better than gold, and nothing besides it.”
Regarding Bitcoin, Sailor argued that “anyone can verify the fact that I own Bitcoin in one second,” yet it can be “sent anywhere in the world for $ 5.” He added that he could liquidate $ 100 million in BTC “on Saturday afternoon.”

He tells Sailor Pal that a lot of people think his hand is weak and he said, “Yes, Sailor will buy this and give it up. He will buy it and then buy another company with it. :

“Then it caught our attention. I buy it for the guy who will work with the guy who will do my job in 100 years.
Sailor ended the two-hour interview by stating that his supervisors are closely monitoring the developers in the coding room:

“All of my advice is to listen to what you have to say.”

Source: CoinTelegraph