Francis Suarez, who has served as Mayor of Miami since 2017, said his next salary will be in Bitcoin.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Suarez said he aims to be the first state or federal US lawmaker to accept a portion of his salary in bitcoin (BTC). Public records show that the Mayor of Miami received $ 97,000 a year between 2016 and 2017, which means he will receive a monthly salary of over $ 8,000, or from 0.13 BTC to $ 63,404, assuming residents did not vote to raise civil service wages. … Suarez said he would rather use an app like Bitwage or Strike than local authorities would try to convert his paper salary into cryptocurrency.

The announcement was made on election day in the United States. While many federal office positions will not open until mid-2022, local and state offices, including the post of Mayor of Miami, will be put to the vote. Suarez is the leader among six political party candidates.

Mayor Suarez, who said he owns both BTC and Ether (ETH), has openly stated his intentions to make Miami the hub of the “most advanced cryptocurrency” cryptocurrency in the United States. Several companies and events in the crypto space have flocked to the region, including the Bitcoin 2021 conference in June. Venture capital firm Borderless Capital has set up a $ 25 million fund to support blockchain startups in the city.

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Several mayors in other US cities have also lobbied for cryptocurrency adoption or supported digital assets in politics or practice. In August, the mayor of Cole Valley, Missouri, Jason Stewart, offered to donate over $ 1 million in bitcoins to nearly 1,500 city residents. Eric Adams, who is running for mayor of New York, said he plans to turn the city into a “bitcoin hub.” Adams also participates in the November 2nd vote.

Source: CoinTelegraph