Amid reports from El Salvador of cases of positive effects from the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) in the country, a Mexican government official has once again urged the country to follow El Salvador’s example regarding bitcoin.

Indira Kempes, a senator from Nuevo Leon, is convinced that bitcoin should be legal tender in Mexico because its adoption has the potential to stimulate global financial inclusion.

The senator is currently drafting a cryptocurrency bill based on El Salvador’s “Bitcoin Law”. In an interview with El Salvador’s English version after visiting El Salvador a few weeks ago, Kempes said she expects to present the bill to the Mexican Congress this year.

“It is clear to me that financial isolation is one of the societal problems that few of us have solved with possible alternatives, and that this type of technology allows us to find an alternative so that millions of people can be integrated into the financial system.”, says Kempis.

The senator went on to say that the adoption of Bitcoin is a historic opportunity for countries around the world to address issues such as inequality and achieve economic integration, saying:

“We need bitcoin to be legal tender in Mexico because if not, unless we make a decision like El Salvador, it will be very difficult to take action.”

The senator also suggested that Salvadoran President Neb Bukele could have started a Bitcoin revolution that could sweep across all countries. “By offering legal tender for bitcoin means creating a level playing field for excluded people from almost every country,” she added.

Kempis joined in 2018 and has been active in promoting the crypto industry in recent years, joining the laser eye movement in July 2018. She has been in the crypto industry for many years, surrounded by a community of entrepreneurs, developers, and crypto enthusiasts, and now the senator added, “I’m in politics.” I’m trying to promote it.”

As previously reported, other Mexican senators, including Eduardo Murat Hinojosa, were working on crypto legislation shortly after the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly passed the bitcoin law in early June 2021. In October, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that it The state is unlikely to do so. follow on. in his footsteps. Follow in El Salvador’s footsteps by accepting bitcoin as legal tender.

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The latest news comes amid the growing momentum of the cryptocurrency industry in Mexico recently, as global crypto exchange Coinbase launched spot cryptocurrencies in Mexican peso last week.

Ricardo Salinas Plejo, Mexican billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Grupo Salinas, took to Twitter last Friday to recommend that the public buy BTC and “forget about selling.” He previously advised people to buy BTC at the end of 2021, describing fiat money like the dollar and the euro as “fake money made of paper.”

Source: CoinTelegraph