Medical services company MDS Mexico has launched a rapid covid-19 testing service that uses blockchain technology to validate results.

According to local media iProUP News on October 17, MDS Mexico has launched a digital platform that gives patients access to results that are updated in real time. Results are also physically delivered, including a QR code that can be scanned to confirm results and access a patient’s vaccination history on the MDS Mexico blockchain.

MDS said it has adopted blockchain to protect clinical trial results, protect patient privacy, and prevent falsification of covid test results. The MDS website says:

“To avoid falsifying negative results, we are beginning to certify SARS-CoV-2 detection tests using blockchain technology and cryptographic signatures that secure information with a unique, immutable and immutable QR code that can be verified worldwide.”
The test results uploaded to the MDS blockchain also include the encrypted signature of the doctor who confirmed the test result.

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MDS is not the first organization in Mexico to implement blockchain for digital covid test results, since Mexico’s National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) announced in April a government-sponsored initiative to digitize vaccination passports in partnership with private blockchain technology company Xertify.

In August, the blockchain industry in Australia similarly pushed for a blockchain-based vaccine registry to stop the spread of fake COVID-19 vaccine passports on the Internet.

Source: CoinTelegraph