NFT, metaverses and digital properties. These Web 3.0 concepts burst into the public consciousness. As a result, we are seeing blockchain projects and ideas that want to change the way things work. Industries such as music, arts, and gaming are major industries that are subject to change, with games getting a lot of attention, especially with a new revenue mechanism: Play to Earn (P2E).

P2E promises players a way to earn from their gaming activities through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In traditional games, users play hundreds of hours and have nothing to show when they finally move to the next stage. P2E Games convert typical game assets into NFT, allowing the player to sell their in-game collectibles for real profit.

But while many P2E games have been very successful, their odds come at a price that players have to pay. These projects are not usually built with a sustainable future in mind, instead using models of currencies, branding and rewards with high inflation tokens to create value. Supremacy is the worst meta game project that ignores this primitive way of making money and builds a sustainable long-term economy that players can benefit from.

sustainable economic vision
The Superiority Economy, based on the XSYN network, is built as a closed-loop financial system with feedback. Simply put, a project’s utility code, SUPS, is a fixed supply code that operates in the economy through the frequency of typical supply and demand for resources, circular flow of units, scarcity, and more. All resources in the game are subject to traditional market forces, and unlike other projects, the cost of SUPS is not directly related to the flow of SUPS within the platform.

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Not only that, Supremacy is planning to expand beyond a single game. The project will exist as a platform that supports all kinds of games that players can switch and earn in order to create a vast source of passive income. The team behind Ninja Syndicate behind Supremacy is looking beyond the traditional gaming blockchain, hoping to create more profit opportunities over time as technology advances.

world of opportunity
Supremacy’s first game, Battle Arena, is scheduled to release on February 22. Battle Arena consists of players (citizens) acquiring and distributing giant AI-controlled mechs that fight each other. Players can upgrade their mechanics with ammo, armor, air strikes, and more to stop the competition. These updates can be purchased or rolled back.

Players can earn SUPS by watching matches and voting on key actions such as landing with an air strike that can change the outcome of the match. They can also accept and complete business contracts that consist of building construction and solving puzzles to create additional SUPS. Over time, more features will appear in the game.

Supremacy has already received support from DashEx, Senior Partner of the platform, Portal Asset Management, JellyC, BlockchainSpace, and Earn Guild, and has also engaged Mati Greenspan of Quantum Economics as a project advisor.

These partnerships will help excel in seeing the future. “Whether you like it or not, what we know as the metaverse will eventually be inhabited by everyone,” said Alex Denmo, head of metaverse. Metaversen will be “the cradle of new economies and entirely new digital nation states.”

Source: CoinTelegraph