Prominent crypto-entrepreneurs and supporters who shared memes on Twitter about odd jobs in the midst of the ongoing market crash have been joined by global fast-food giant McDonalds – a brand notorious for the temporary Bitcoin (BTC) market crash.

The price of BTC has fallen steadily since it reached its record high of $ 69,000 in November 2022. Finally, when bitcoin began trading for less than $ 40,000, cryptomillionaires and investors began sharing memes about finding jobs in fast food restaurants on Twitter. .

Source: Twitter / PlanB
El Salvador’s president Nep Bokel has also embraced the meme culture and uploaded a new profile picture showing him wearing a heavily changed McDonald’s hat and t-shirt in one of his speeches.

McDonald’s joined in the fun with many others, acknowledging the events that took place on Crypto Twitter by following influential members of the community such as Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and Altcoin Daily. The account received more attention when he tweeted:

While Binance answered the question with a picture of a tear-stained face hidden behind a smiling mask, McDonald’s comforted the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange with “wagmi”, an acronym for “we will do it”.

However, Bukele seems to have big plans.

On the topic: Bitcoin may surpass equities in 2022 amid Fed tightening – Bloomberg analyst

Despite the uncertain market environment, Mike McGlone, a commodity strategist at Bloomberg, believes that BTC can make a comeback when investors realize the value as a digital reserve asset.

According to the Cointelegraph, McGlone stated:

“Cryptocurrencies are at the top of the risk and speculation list. If risky assets fall, it will help the Fed fight inflation. By becoming a global reserve asset, Bitcoin could be the main beneficiary in this scenario.”

Source: CoinTelegraph