In the month since the launch of Cointelegraph Markets Pro, which provides professional information about the cryptocurrency market to all investors, the platform has helped hundreds of early subscribers better understand the opportunities and threats that lurk in the world of cryptocurrency investing and trading.

In this short roundup, we wanted to highlight some of the highlights since the platform’s launch, including a critical review of a number of cascading strategies that the Markets Pro team has been tracking.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro includes two unique research features as well as a wide range of market performance calculations and access to a dynamic community of Discord crypto enthusiasts.

The VORTECS ™ score is derived from an algorithm that examines many different variables (including sentiment, Tweet size, price volatility, and trade volume) and compares them to historically similar market images. The algorithm is able to analyze millions of historical data points every day and compare what is happening now against past conditions of more than 140 assets currently being tracked.

A high VORTECS reading indicates that current market conditions – across all of these variables – are similar to conditions in the past, when the asset was strengthening over the next few days. The higher the score, the more stable the asset price behavior will be earlier.

History does not repeat itself … but it seems to chime very often The VORTECS ™ Score was created to provide all participants in the cryptocurrency market with quantitative analysis, which was previously available only to large institutional investors.

NewsQuakes ™
NewsQuakes ™ are alerts for events that have historically had a significant impact on the price of an asset over the next 24 hours. Our research shows that IPOs, stakeholder announcements, and partnership announcements have the most sustainable positive impacts.

NewsQuakes ™ is built on TIE SigDev’s patented technology, the fastest and most complete channel for real-time market tracking in the cryptocurrency space. SigDev is used by large hedge funds, OTC departments, marketers, and other institutional market participants to gain an advantage. NewsQuakes ™ is delivered in browser and via Discord Alerts directly to mobile devices.

In addition to institutions, news outlets like Cointelegraph (and our biggest media competitor) use TIE SigDev to get critical news out of primary sources.

Among the most popular NewsQuakes ™ is its new IPO. For example, the average Coinbase listing in 2020 (from the time it is announced until the day the asset is available for trading) brought in 50.4% of the return.

Some of the notable NewsQuakes ™ over the past month include this Ocean Protocol announcement following the announcement of OCEAN’s listing by Kraken. The first red circle appears when an alert has been sent to community members on Discord Markets Pro’s private channel.

Another example of the NewsQuakes ™ system providing news at critical times can be seen in this chart, which shows the rapid increase in the price of MATIC after the announcement of the Binance integration.

Vortex performance
Cointelegraph Markets Pro has been monitoring the performance of 42 different trading strategies on an hourly basis, cumulatively since the algorithm was launched on January 5th and throughout the sliding week.

The strategies are divided into two camps: time-based and point-based camp.

In each case, Markets Pro monitors the outcome performance against the US dollar as well as against the availability of Bitcoin and against an evenly weighted basket of the top 100 altcoins to ensure that the test represents major market movements. Complete test methodology available.

Time-based strategies

Time-based strategies include tracking cryptocurrency performance from the moment a VORTECS score crosses a key threshold until a specified time period has elapsed. For example, buy 80 / keep 168 hours or buy 90 / keep 24 hours.

Of the 20 time-based strategies that Markets Pro is tracking, all 20 strategies surpass simple bitcoin ownership, and 19 beat the altcoin and bitcoin curve strategies since January 5th.

The most successful of these was the Buy 90 / Sell 168 strategy, which achieved 1,497.9% during the period compared to 72.4% for Bitcoin and 325.7% for the altcoins.

The least successful strategy was to buy 90 / sell 48 hours, which brought in 150.4%.

The average return over all strategies tested was 510%.

Source: CoinTelegraph