Of Markets Pro’s 45 strategies, 25 outperform buy-and-hold strategies, and one of them has delivered over 21,000% returns since 2021.
Since the launch of Cointelegraph Markets Pro, bringing professional cryptocurrency market intelligence to every investor, the platform has helped thousands of subscribers better understand the opportunities and threats lurking in the world of cryptocurrency investing and trading.

In this summary, we would like to highlight some highlights since the platform’s launch, including a critical look at the various back-tested strategies followed by the Markets Pro team.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro consists of two unique research features (VORTECS™ Score and NewsQuakes™) as well as various market performance metrics and access to a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts on Discord.

VORTECS™ score
The VORTECS™ score is derived from an algorithm that examines multiple variables, including sentiment, tweet volume, price volatility and trading volume, and historically compares those with similar market conditions.

The algorithm can analyze millions of historical data points every day and compare what is currently happening with the historical terms of 418 assets and the currently tracked statistics.

A high VORTECS™ score indicates that current market conditions across all tracked variables are similar to those in the past, when the asset is gaining value over the next few days. The higher the scores, the more consistent the asset’s past price behavior will be.

History does not repeat itself, but it is generally harmonious. The VORTECS™ Score was created to provide every crypto market participant with high-quality quantitative analysis that was previously only available to large institutional investors.

NewsQuakes™ is an indicator that provides real-time alerts triggered by developments that affect currency prices the most. These include mutual listings, membership ads, and affiliates.

Our research has found that exchange listings, listing announcements, and partnership announcements have the most consistent positive impact.

NewsQuakes™ is built on SigDev technology from The Tie, the most comprehensive and actionable digital asset intelligence platform to monitor real-time and market-moving news in the cryptocurrency space.

SigDev is used by major hedge funds, over-the-counter, market makers and other institutional market participants to gain advantage. In addition to financial institutions, news sources like Cointelegraph use Tie’s SigDev platform to identify critical breaking news from primary sources.

NewsQuakes™ are delivered in the browser via Discord alerts and directly to your phone via the Markets Pro mobile app. NewsQuakes™ highlights include new stock exchange listings.

For example, since the NewsQuakes™ Index launched in January 2021, buying a token and holding it for 1 hour after the NewsQuakes™ listing was announced has yielded a massive 12,000% return!

Some of the notable NewsQuakes™ news over the past month includes our warning regarding Mask Network (MASK) following the announcement of MASK’s listing on Binance.

The yellow dot shows when the alert was sent to community members… Just four days after the alert, MASK rose from $2.67 to $3.93.

Similarly, three NewsQuake alerts about Marinade (MNDE) have been sent to our customers, the last two serving a one-day movement of $0.07 to $0.30, corresponding to a 307% daily movement.

So, if you had invested $1,000 on this alert, you would have earned $3,070 at the end of the day.

$10,000? $30,700!

VORTECS™ performance
Since the algorithm was made available on January 5, 2021, Cointelegraph Markets Pro has been tracking the performance of 45 different trading strategies hourly over a dynamic week and a cumulative history.

Trading strategies are divided into two groups: time-based and points-based.

In all cases, Markets Pro monitors the performance of the VORTECS™ Score against an equally weighted basket of US Dollars, Bitcoin (BTC) and top 100 altcoins – all to ensure the score is tested for broader market movements.

time-based strategies
Time-based strategies involve monitoring the performance of a crypto-asset from the moment its VORTECS™ Scores cross a significant threshold, until the expiration of a specified period, for example 80 buys / 168 hours sell or 90 buys / 24 hours sell.

From early 2021 to date, 13 winning time-based strategies tracked by Markets Pro have yielded 546.35% profits. In contrast, the buy-and-hold strategy for BTC lost 39.44%, and a similar strategy with the top 100 altcoins saw a return of 190.15%.

The most successful of these strategies has yielded a return of 1,123,46% since the beginning of 2021.

Source: CoinTelegraph