After the Dallas Mavericks’ decision to accept Dogecoin as a method of payment, billionaire Mark Cuban appears to be trying to convince other big names to consider using a meme-based code as a payment method.

In a hypothetical interview today with TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres, Cobain said that Dogecoin (DOGE) may have started out as a joke, but is now a “digital currency.” The Dallas Mavericks owner mentioned the success of the basketball team store after accepting the token in March and recommended DeGeneres “take a look at it for Ellen’s store,” noting that the store “can sell a lot of Dogecoin items.”

“We’ll definitely do that,” deGeneres said. “I am interested in Dogecoin and really want to know more about it.”

As for cryptocurrency and DOGE, in particular, the TV presenter later clarified on Twitter that she was unsure if she “understands or knows how to pronounce it, but it must be fun to say.” DeGeneres has already launched her non-exchangeable token called “Cat Stick Woman” to raise money for the World Central Kitchen, which today sold for $ 14,555.

Cobain expected DOGE to reach $ 1 if more people use the token to buy items from Dallas Mavericks. The basketball team reportedly accepted 122,000 DOGE as of April 13 – about $ 32,757 at launch – with sales increasing 550% over the past month.

“I wouldn’t say [DOGE] is the best investment in the world, but it’s much better than a lottery ticket,” Cobain said on The Ellen Show. “This is a great way to learn and start understanding cryptocurrencies.”

While Dogecoin earned over 14,000% in the year, the token price fell below $ 0.30 as it peaked at over $ 0.40 earlier this month. Eileen’s show audience, which was estimated at 1.5 million in March, would likely increase that price if only a fraction of them showed the same enthusiasm for the symbol that Cubans seemed to show when they bought DOGE.

Source: CoinTelegraph