In today’s Twitter thread, billionaire investor Mark Cuban analyzed the current and future state of blockchain technology and investment, and concluded that while there are real barriers to the adoption of asset prices, there are more and more real ‘gains’ and ‘demand’. And that, finally, will come the day when the cryptocurrency matures to the point where we think about how we lived outside of the home.

Kubin posted a series of 10 tweets this morning, noting that as the asset class evolves, cryptocurrency prices often become a byproduct of today’s use rather than potential speculation.

“More TPS and lower gas taxes are not enough,” he wrote, referring to the often huge claims from various low-activity networks. There should be an existing network impact and significant user growth. This is a problem for most L1 and L2 because, with rare exceptions, marketing in the cryptocurrency world is appalling. ”

He noted that he often left teams “confused” when asked about “their products, sales, gross margins and profits”, but that these calculations were very important in an area he described as very competitive.

Marketing concerns aside, the Dallas Mavericks owner said the lack of a broad understanding of key mechanisms such as protocol administration is holding back growth. He said not enough was being done “to highlight the impact governance can have on the platforms and their products / services.”

Ultimately, however, he believes that participation in governance, which can be “good” at best, will become the norm:

“I think over time, guidance will be expected from all users, and most of them will contribute, at least through voting. But today it has not been studied much, and this is slowing the growth of some platforms.”
Cryptocurrency is nearing its current stage – the first, where users must “get an education and products and services must sell their original promises” – then digital assets can “mature to the point we think we’ve ever lived.”

Source: CoinTelegraph