Shortly after the non-native tokens were released in a limited edition, Dallas Mavericks founder and owner Mark Cuban asked about valuations in the NFT region, along with a half-dozen other asset classes.

Kubin NFT, dubbed “RollUp 2021,” launched Rarible on Wednesday and announced it in a tweet:

Describing NFT, which has half a dozen photo frames of Cuba spinning around his hips and shoulders while holding a yoga mat and laptop computer in the Dallas Mavericks photo studio as “half,” it would have been charitable, but it was all sold out. However, in a short time, including two of those who will use the Pisces wallet, they will change Twitter personality 0x_b1, who has recently shown an interest in NFT.

The NFT List, the Cuban, who is known to be hesitant about his public pronouncements about cryptocurrencies, revealed that he has a massively decentralized economy and Ethereum holdings. Online investigators quickly searched the list and found two closely related portfolios containing more than 1,000 ETH, Aave and SUSHI with the efforts and dozens of other projects. It seems that the Cuban admitted his governor belongs to him in another tweet:

While the cryptoTwitter community triumphed over the possibility of a powerful billionaire carrying some of his bags, Cobain has already poured cold water on this craze. Just a day after selling his NFTs, Cobain seemed to question whether the high NFT prices they had attracted were sustainable.

When asked this morning whether CNBC is concerned about the current hype surrounding the massive equity positions in stocks, he said that “it has secured my portfolio like hell, it worries me.”

“We see speculation everywhere because due to asset inflation, you’ve seen it on a variety of assets, be it cryptocurrency or trading cards or intangible tokens, you know, housing, when it is.” I have interest rates so low that you will inflate large assets. ”

The statement appears to indicate that diving into DeFi and NFT is more than just an experience based on a previous tweet in which he said he loves to “try everything”.

In fact, his long-term view of markets with interest rates rising over the next decade is clearly bleak, he told CNBC:

“Then people will have different criteria for making decisions, and they will definitely go down. I wouldn’t call it a bubble because it is real looking at interest rates, but there will be some deflation in these wonderful assets, and it will be scary. When that happens.”

Source: CoinTelegraph