The American company Marathon Digital Holdings has owned more than $ 460 million in bitcoin (BTC) since last year, mainly through mining and acquisitions.

According to a report on Tuesday, the miner revealed that he has collected all the bitcoins obtained from mining – about 2,640 BTC – since the last sale in October 2020. Additionally, Marathon Digital bought over 4,812 BTC in January when the price was Krypto’s asset. less than $ 35,000. At the time of publication, the price of BTC is $ 62,056, which gives the miner 7,453 BTC almost $ 462 million.

The company has continued to ramp up mining volumes despite global supply chain challenges affecting the proliferation of crypto mining rigs. Marathon Digital says they have leased planes to some of the 42,381 ASIC miners it currently has, so the company could produce over 417 BTC in October. Most of the miners are currently working at the company’s Montana plant, and 12,331 rigs are awaiting deployment at the Compute North plant in Texas.

Marathon Digital Holdings shares, which are below the MARA index, also surged above $ 63 on November 3, reaching the highest level not seen since May 2015. Since then, crypto mining shares have dropped to $ 61.36 at the time of the press release.

Source: TradingView
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The company announced in May that it plans to achieve 70% carbon neutrality in its operations, despite plans to expand to deploy more than 90,000 previously acquired miners. According to Marathon Digital, a fleet of 133,000 miners will have a hash rate of around 13.3 EH / s by 2023.

Source: CoinTelegraph