Manchester United, one of the oldest football clubs in the world, has confirmed its partnership with blockchain company Tezos as an official training group and technology partner.

The football club aims to introduce decentralized Web3 technology to its fans in the face of an increasing concentration of large companies and brands. The team will make its debut in the new kit on Saturday against Southampton.

Manchester United’s previous sponsorship deal with Aon expired last month and Tezos will pay a 33% surcharge on the previous deal of $ 27 million a year. Tezos will help the football club learn more about Web3 technologies and can play an important role in the early launch of more digital fan products.

Most of the world’s sports brands are experimenting with technologies focused on blockchain, Web3 and new ways to connect sports clubs with fans. Manchester United aims to build a fan ecosystem that is expected to build on the concept of a metaverse on the Tezos blockchain to provide a personalized experience for fans, with the platform planning to use its own Tezos token, XTZ.

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Victoria Timpson, Managing Director of Alliances and Partnerships at Manchester United, said:

“This is a very exciting partnership for Manchester United as it brings us together with one of the most advanced, secure and sustainable blockchain technologies in the field, which promises to truly revolutionize the way everyone, including the club and our fans, interact.”
Blockchain Proof of Stake Tezos has joined a growing list of blockchain companies that have secured major sponsorship deals. Tezos has also signed sponsorship deals with the McLaren Racing Formula 1 team and the New York Mets of Major League Baseball.

Source: CoinTelegraph