A survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers regarding growing interest in Metaverse revealed some interesting results.

In a survey conducted by Advokate Group and infrastructure provider Metaverse Group, 87% of respondents preferred to use a decentralized metaverse on blockchain over some of the mega-projects planned by the technology giants. This became even clearer when 77% of the respondents shared their concerns about Facebook’s entry into the metaverse, especially since it owns the users’ metaverse data.

Facebook’s bleak past due to mismanagement of users’ personal data destroyed the early plans to launch a stable coin called Diem. The Stablecoin project met with intense scrutiny from the US Congress, and the project was eventually terminated. Similar concerns have begun to grow around Facebook’s $ 1 billion bid.

The respondents surveyed were divided in terms of when the metaverse could become dominant, with 20% of the respondents believing that it could take 1-2 years, while 49% said that it could take up to 3-6 years. Games were the most important way to spend time in the meta-verse, followed by socializing. 55% of respondents said they would spend more than three hours a day in the metaverse.

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Most of the respondents also showed great interest in making money by playing games. Since gaming models for profit are the latest in fashion, 93% of those surveyed said they would spend more time playing games if the minimum wage could be reached. About 64% said they would spend more than three hours if they made real money, and 87% would switch to the game full time if they paid well.

Metaverset as a concept first became popular in 2021, and now all major technology giants, be it Apple, Facebook or Google, want to launch or invest in the ecosystem. However, a large number of proponents of cryptocurrency oppose infiltration of cash-rich centralized companies as they believe the concept of decentralization will decline.

Source: CoinTelegraph