One of Switzerland’s largest insurance companies has paid in bitcoin and ether for policyholders.

According to the announcement on 31 August, Atupri Health Insurance is cooperating with the crypto-financing company Bitcoin Suisse to enable its 200,000 customers to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). Atupri from Bern will not have any digital assets per se, but will only receive paper payments in Swiss francs when exchanging BTC or ETH for Bitcoin Suisse. The insurance company, whose annual sales as of 2019 are around $ 887 million dollars, will have customers who pay any fees related to mining.

“As a digital leader in the healthcare sector, we anticipate social trends and offer insurance solutions with a long-term horizon,” said Caroline Milli, Head of Marketing and Sales at Atupri. “Blockchain technology and the associated use of cryptocurrency are becoming increasingly important.”

Bitcoin Suisse has over $ 1 billion in assets and has been experimenting with various financial sectors for a while now. In May, the cryptocurrency broker provided custody and business services for Tezos (XTZ) and included gold, silver and platinum for trading on the platform. It is also reported that the company next year plans to apply for a security token and list its assets on a stock exchange by 2022.

Swiss are often at the forefront of crypto solutions. The country is home to the Crypto Valley, a technology-friendly region located in the Zug where many institutions and even public transport accept cryptocurrencies. The Swiss municipality of Zermatt also recently unveiled the possibility of paying bitcoin tax in connection with Bitcoin Suisse.

Source: CoinTelegraph