US retail investors will now be able to trade SEC-eligible tokens for the first time.

Following the launch of the Stacks 2.0 main network, OKCoin announced that they have incorporated the Stacks Token (STX).

Stacks, formerly known as Blockstack, has its own connection to the Bitcoin network. As reported by Cointelegraph, Tier 1 blockchain has an ambitious vision to bring smart contracts and decentralized financing to BTC, allowing developers to create groundbreaking applications and explore new applications.

America is not the only market where STX can be bought and sold on OKCoin because this cryptocurrency will also be available in a number of other international markets apart from the EU, Singapore and Brunei.

Stacks extends Bitcoin’s value proposition beyond just a store with value by adding apps and smart contracts to the network. This paves the way for creating new ecosystems using Bitcoin’s best features, ”said OKCoin Marketing Director Haider Rafiq.

“As for Stacks, we look to the future of DApps, which will ultimately create a user-owned Internet that brings digital ownership to the forefront. This is an exciting time for this release among new bitcoin heights and where Bitcoin can go when stacking visibility is fully realized. ”

It all adds up
Not only is STX used to implement smart contracts and process transactions, but it also allows owners to participate in “overlay” – a measure that maintains blockchain consensus and helps keep the Stacks network secure, and users are rewarded in return in bitcoin .

According to Stacks, the Tier 1 blockchain approach offers a new way to earn bitcoin at a time when it is difficult to obtain – amid speculation that BTC is on its way to reducing supply due to high levels of institutional adoption.

Users need at least STX to participate in the stack, but OKCoin users can collect their money, which means they can participate with as little as 50 STX (around $ 25 at the time of writing).

Brittany Laughlin, CEO of the Stacks Foundation, told Cointelegraph: “The inclusion of STX on OKCoin is a significant achievement, achieved through strict compliance and open communication. Now that US citizens can buy STX and participate in the Stacks 2.0 network, the Internet is getting closer. Consumerism from a real global presence. ”

More information from the pile here
OKCoin offers a range of easy-to-use cash transactions to enable newcomers to the cryptocurrency markets to convert their local currency into digital assets.

Historic moment
The STX listing on OKCoin came a few weeks after Blockstack PBC – now known as Hiro PBC – shared a summary of a statutory note that supported plans not to consider STX as safe under US law following the launch of the main network Stacks 2.0.

This comes after the SEC-qualified STX Reg A + sign and a parallel strategy trip in Asia in September 2019 which raised 23 million dollars.

During the live broadcast of the launch event Stacks 2.0, Haydar Rafiq added that one of OKCoin’s priorities is to simplify DeFi for cryptocurrencies as well as for those interested in digital assets.

“We are trying to get rid of the terminology we can use so that people understand what the tool is and make it very easy to understand,” he said during the broadcast.

Source: CoinTelegraph