There is no denying that popular culture has entered the realm of the NFT with full force. Formed by Yam Karkay, the World of Women group followed in the footsteps of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) by signing a major Hollywood agent and Madonna was asked to purchase a non-fungible token (NFT). Show that she can think seriously.

Many newcomers lean towards celebrity recommendation, but the hyped OG community is optimistic about “historic NFTs” and claims that they will not be let down by the hype. However, when founder Gary “Wee” Vaynerchuk bought “CrytptoSkulls”, the new “historic” 2019 NFT edition for 100 Ether (ETH), the dotted skull market exploded.

The current increase in interest in historical NFTs raises the question: is the historical significance of the NFT / instrument from which it derives its value, or is it just storytelling?

Some projects and organizations go down in history, others go along.

The hype surrounding the story seduces investors
On January 10, 2022, CryptoSkulls went live again and quickly became relevant as many investors and influencers flocked to the group to keep a piece of history together.

NFT archaeologists Adam McBride and Leonidas.eth were known for their extensive knowledge and protection of “historical” NFTs. These particular collectors are not interested in the idea of ​​short-term volatility, but instead see the long-term value of owning historic NFTs.

CryptoSkulls was at the top of OpenSea in terms of total volume last week, but lost its place in the top five on the rankings. But in OpenSea alone, the project completed a total of $ 41.79 million.

All the time on average. price and size. Source: OpenSea CryptoSkulls.
Leonidas.eth sold the “historic blue chipmunk” CryptoSkulls to CryptoPunks, leaving other collectors wondering if they should be involved in some sort of alpha. According to, CryptoSkull’s attorneys received around 137 Ether ($ 444,500) from the sale.

Gary Vee in particular stole the show by citing the importance of long-term play with historical NFTs, suggesting that they could be “the next CryptoPunks”.

A dedicated group of artifact-like NFT collectors has warned of “hype”, but there seems to be an influx of investors into new “historic NFT” trends, especially after prominent influencers confirmed their significance.

The question is, will historical NFTs withstand the test of time? Or will they just be in the spotlight periodically until the influencers win?

Women’s influence in the world
Showcasing women-led projects seems to be gaining in popularity, especially after the World of Women (WoW) group signed Madonna’s director Guy Osiri and BAYC.

WoW entered the mainstream with renewed intellectual property rights and attracted the attention and support of celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Gary Vee and Shonda Rhimes.

The celebrity group and the mission of WoW seem to attract investors, with their biggest sales within a few days in a row. Notable sales were transactions for 210 ETH and 260 ETH, respectively.

Currently, the NFT floor varies from 8.6 ETH to 16.8 ETH, and WoW has constantly established itself as a blue chip competitor to NFT cranes.

Average price and volume for the last 7 days. Source: OpenSea Women’s World.
World of Women has opened up space for other women-led projects such as Boss Beauties, Fame Lady Squad and Women Rise to share the spotlight and their support team. Each group then saw an increase in both the number of unique holders and the price. Among these projects, whose collections range from 8888 to 10,000 pfps, the average number of holders is 4800.

Since several owners and co-owners of these women-led projects openly support each other’s successes, some skeptics believe that this is only a timely trend. But with each milestone passed, these women’s initiatives seem to consolidate their position as more than just ‘alpha’ and will prove to be a profitable long-term investment.

Rug Radio aims to pave the way for the media in Web3
The stomach and founder of Rug Radio “Farokh” aims to build the first fully decentralized Web3 media company. At the launch of the NFT pool, Rug Radio whitelisted its members for a membership card that would give them advance access to a RugNFT token holder.

Rug Radio claims to be “Web3’s first fully decentralized media company”, but as announced on 4 May 2021, BanklessDAO functions as a “DAO for crypto media and culture”. By bringing together “unions” that represent different areas for individuals, BanklessDAO has created a structure to reward shareholders properly.

There is no clarity in the logistics of how Rug Radio operates, but it has impressed the winners of each audition’s favorite band.

Source: CoinTelegraph