Cryptocurrency has become one of the most discussed topics in 2022. Therefore, it is not surprising that the mention of “cryptocurrency” in an online dating profile can generate extra interest.

New research from the brokerage house eToro has found that 33% of the Americans surveyed are most likely to go on a date with someone who has mentioned cryptocurrencies in their online dating profile. Among 2,000 American adults between the ages of 18 and 99 who were asked, more than 40% of men and 25% of women indicated that their interest in a potential date is stronger when they enter cryptocurrency into their dating profile.

Cryptography: what does love have to do with it?
Kali Cox, American investment analyst at eToro, told Cointelegraph that the results of eToro’s first Crypto and Culture study illustrate the relationship between money, culture and identity. “We talked a lot about identity in the survey and how it has a strong place in the crypto environment. The idea behind this campaign was to better understand how people think about big life projects and find the perfect partner,” said Cox.

With that in mind, Cox explained that one of the most notable findings of the report is that 33% of respondents are willing to date someone who has mentioned cryptocurrency in their profile. “It shows that there is a connection between money, love and identity when people are looking for a partner on a dating app,” she commented. Cox added that it was also interesting to see that almost 74% of respondents indicated that they would probably go on a second date with someone billing for the first date in bitcoin (BTC). “We also wanted to test the environment to see how people feel about using cryptocurrency as a currency. We were surprised to see that this percentage is so high that it also says a lot about identity. ”

While these results suggest that holders of cryptocurrencies and enthusiasts may generate more interest through dating apps, Cox shared that the respondents from Millennials and Generation Z made up the majority of the people who took the survey. “Everyone had to identify themselves, and most of the respondents were from the younger generation,” she said. Regarding the use of cryptocurrencies as currency, Cox also stated that eToro results show that paying a bill with bitcoin benefits men more than women.

Cryptocommunications and online dating
Although the eToro review notes that cryptographic terms may make data more desirable, some members of the crypto community consider the mention of this feature to be a double-edged sword.

For example, legal partner Anderson Kill and Crypto Connect founder Hayley Lennon told Cointelegraph that she initially did not have “Bitcoin” anywhere on her online dating profile, but that she eventually added it because the digital resource was her lifelong passion. . after time. While Lennon did not notice an increase in responses to her profile after adding bitcoin, she did have a few hits that piqued her interest because of the similarities:

There are commonalities among people who are interested in bitcoin. For example, if you post a picture with a bitcoin hat, it will most likely attract others who are interested in the space. I also tweeted jokingly when I found someone who mentioned “Bitcoin” on their dating profile that I had found my soulmate. But it really shows a common interest and that we can connect and talk about a shared passion. ”
However, Lennon also noted that including passwords in your online dating profile can backfire. “Sometimes I rewrite things and say I’m a fintech lawyer without mentioning bitcoin or cryptocurrency, so the whole conversation does not come down to bitcoin and what I do,” Lennon said. “You also have these people who still associate cryptocurrencies with this false narrative that they are only used for criminal activity and money laundering, so it might be interesting to try to explain how to be a digital asset lawyer.”

In addition, while Lennon found the results of the eToro survey exciting, she pointed out that many people in the crypto community place so much emphasis on digital assets in their daily lives that they may want unfocused conversations about cryptocurrencies in a romantic setting. . “Sometimes the story can just consist of wanting to talk about Bitcoin and how it works when people find out what you’re doing. It can get old and rob the story of romance and fun. ”

An echo of Evan Perez, the owner of Multiplied, a PR firm specializing in crypto, told Cointelegraph that since adding “investing and working in crypto” to his online dating profiles, he has contacted women who also work three times. in the crypto room. encrypted.

Source: CoinTelegraph