Jameson Loeb, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Casa, sees himself as the ultimate in Bitcoin Monetary and an object curious about altcoins. In an August 30th post, it warned the public against engaging in online interactions with verbatim cryptocurrencies.

Although Lopp doesn’t see any other options in the market that can compete with the strong and secure Bitcoin money supply, he also believes that other cryptocurrencies can bring values ​​that Bitcoin cannot achieve, such as digitizing assets and non-financial jobs.

In fact, Lopp advised a blockchain project based on Ethereum. He sees the project’s potential in providing institutional and individual investors with opportunities for cryptocurrency and security tokens. However, he also cautions that there is no guarantee in the company that it will make a profit. He emphasized that:

“While INX token holders are guaranteed to receive a portion of the cumulative net positive cash flow (also known as“ profit ”), there is of course no guarantee that INX Limited will become profitable. People on social media tend to stir controversy in order to gain influence. Anyone considering investing should do their own research! ”

The same applies to other Lopps comments on other blockchain projects or any other cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. He stated that anything he posts on social media is not an investment recommendation. Lopp and other Bitcoin fanatics have been accused of crippling INX. INX is approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Loeb indicated that he believes Bitcoin is the best monetary asset in the world; However, it is still open to using other cryptocurrency platforms if needed or desirable. He suggested reclassifying people with beliefs such as “Bitcoin Pragmatist” in the hope that the public would be less critical of what he said was taken too literally.

“It doesn’t matter which bitcoin you are. You can be extreme, pragmatic, toxic, bitcoiner, or multi-currency. I am no stranger to criticism, attacks and even threats on social media. I have no interest in engaging in self-censorship just to pass the purity tests. For certain subgroups of followers. I suggest conducting online interactions with caution. “

Source: CoinTelegraph