With digital currency comes innovation, efficiency, and perhaps most importantly, equality. But before that can happen, digital currencies need to be simple enough to use and accessible to everyone. As is the case today, most crypto services are difficult to use and difficult to understand. In addition, features such as participating in spot trades, futures trading or betting services are not available to those already in traditional markets. Therefore, for mass adoption to become a viable opportunity, the entire process from buying coins to more complex trading needs to be simple.

BitMart, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, aims to solve this problem by creating a diversified and open financial system in the short term and an entry point into the futuristic world of Web 3.0 in the long term. BitMart has proven itself well on its way to completing the $ 300 million Series B. Leading the round is New York-based private equity firm Alexander Capital Ventures, the same company that has invested in high-profile companies such as Airbnb, Spotify and Kraken, as well as Alpha Square, Chaos Ventures and others.

In response to this partnership, Jonathan Gazdak, Director of Equity at Alexander Capital Ventures,

“We are delighted to be able to support and work with the talented team of professionals at BitMart. This well-managed organization has achieved tremendous growth and success in digital asset exchange. The company’s disruptive technology quickly made it an industry leader. We have never been more satisfied with the current state of the company and we look forward to participating in the future development of the business. ”

BitMart was founded in 2017 and has seen some growth, as evidenced by a 100x increase in daily active users and a doubling of team members over the past 10 months. Oslo Børs has also launched several offerings in the user friendliness category, including flexible savings and locked savings for cryptocurrency users. On the business side, the team is engaged in several active contacts with new decentralized projects through the venture capital subsidiary Cipholio Ventures.

Transforming the world economy
BitMart works with the belief that decentralized cryptocurrencies can change the foundations of the global economy and is now recognized as one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies on CoinGecko, with over 700 tokens in 11 markets from Ethereum (ETH) to Polkadot, to and from large NFTs and metauniverses. Users are also faced with some new earning opportunities provided by trusted institutional partners.

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In keeping with its culture of reliability and transparency, BitMart continues to adhere to regulatory requirements in all of its endeavors. Regarding current recommendations, Sheldon Shea, Founder and CEO of BitMart,

“The United States is the country with the most regulatory framework for the blockchain industry. We actively support the regulatory regime. Series B fundraising is helping BitMart seek additional strategic resources and find leading and professional strategic partners. ”

The investment arm of BitMart, which has a military fund of over $ 50 million, will continue to invest and support the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Their design team recently made several strategic investments in key industry sectors such as the metaverse, infrastructure, GameFi and DeFi.

remain multidimensional
The platform is ready for growth both in the stock market and in terms of a multidimensional cryptosystem. In response, BitMart strives to continually focus on outstanding and innovative projects and accelerate their growth. The BitMart team is also committed to driving the development of the metaverse and its potential to provide new entertainment, profit and social networking opportunities.

As for the crypto ecosystem, there will be parallel developments with the traditional financial world, including expanding the derivatives market and ensuring the smooth operation of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. Together, the team believes these initiatives will allow BitMart to stay ahead of the company as an industry leader playing a role in driving the emergence of the multidimensional world of cryptocurrency.

Source: CoinTelegraph