The whole world has already moved to the Internet, and is spending more and more time on the Internet. But with the way the Internet is currently organized, there will always be a gap in the experience of the full range of human interaction on the screen. While this may be true, the Internet’s next release, the metaverse, suggested many of the possibilities that exist only in the digital world, such as offering “luxury” experiences and products to the poor and promoting sustainability with more effective ways to meet their needs. passion. These achievements may seem noble, but now they are available more than ever.

Many prominent players in the technology industry have taken on the task of defining what the meta-verse can look like, experimenting with concepts such as a mirror world, or creating completely new stories to keep people interested. With a concept in place, the only missing piece will be the foundation or launch pad to bring these digital worlds to life. In practice, this role will require adjustment of new metaverse designs to deliver more value to the end user.

This gap is filled by Morpheus Labs, a leader in Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaas). With experience in infrastructure and many different blockchain protocols, the team is said to be no stranger to the metaverse, and this fact is supported by their core product ML SEED-Sandbox.

A platform with the necessary features allows developers and other companies to take advantage of the diverse features that Metaverset has to offer. With a proprietary platform, other creators and developers can use blockchain technology to create projects involving token issuance and NFT creation, while maintaining a high level of security.

To achieve this, Morpheus Labs combines the power of several reputable players in the industry to create the most powerful ecosystem that a meta-project can benefit from.

the meta-verse comes to life
The Morpheus Labs team recently signed an agreement with Vista Media Capital (VMC) that will allow their team to leverage the ML Seed platform in the future development of metaverse solutions.

Abhayanand Singh, CEO and co-founder of Vestas Media Capital,

“We are excited to partner with Morpheus Lab to develop First Metaverse in India with the vision of creating a city of the future where Internet users and brand partners can create a personal footprint, communicate, serve and participate in many events and activities. Activity inside.”

This quote is just one of the partnerships the team intends to develop. Morpheus Labs shared that an overwhelming response has already emerged with the idea of ​​gathering some of the smartest heads on Asia’s biggest launch pad.

Currently, another well-known name that has benefited from ML Seed-Sandbox, Autumn Interactive, is a team dedicated to introducing new gaming experiences to be realized across the metaverse along with the Asian Token Fund and Tiny Island.

Ken Nizam, co-founder of Asia Token Fund and Two Monkey Juice Bar Metaverse, highlights the potential of this opportunity to “explore the metaverse space with an authoritative blockchain project like Morpheus Labs through MLSeed (sandbox) Metaverse Versatile Solutions”.

Meanwhile, Tiny Island Productions is sharing David Kwok

“We are very grateful for this relationship with Morpheus Labs. They were a great consultant. They will definitely be a huge help in building our Metaverse project. In addition, the Morpheus Labs team and Tiny Island Production are joint partners such as HUAWEI CLOUD, and the common goals are the same. ”

More information from MORPHEUS LABS here
As a result of these efforts, projects will accelerate to emerge through the marketing efforts of any number of community members within a broader, integrated support system. Then teams that are interested in developing robust communities or using robust marketing strategies will find the resources they need to succeed.

Launch of sandbox
The Morpheus Labs team has reported its success on the HUAWEI CLOUD APAC co-launch platform, inspiring companies such as 0Chain, Geeq and to join.

With a solid foundation over the next 12 months, Sandbox Solutions will begin its plans for a larger symposium in 2020 where Morpheus Labs will join experienced speakers across the blockchain metaverse to share ideas and keywords.

Source: CoinTelegraph