The Liechtenstein Cryptocurrency Exchange (LCX) and LunarCRUSH social analytics platform will work together to provide the crypto market with security code information.

According to a June 29 press release to Cointelegraph, the two companies have taken the first steps to forge a partnership that provides an understanding of the crypto market for security codes and other compatible digital assets.

LCX and LunarCRUSH will pool their talents “to provide encrypted investors and traders with real-time analysis, research, reference information, historical data and market data.” The announcement stated that the partnership will help provide data to make better decisions in digital currency trading and investment.

Among the indicators that according to the LCX will be available to users are: price, data on social networks, size, participation, and quantitative mood analysis. The partnership started after LunarCRUSH included the LCX token in its platform analysis tool.

LCX relies on Crypto-friendly Liechtenstein, which has attracted other companies with its clear rules regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, including Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange.

Source: CoinTelegraph